26 Compelling Reasons Insurance Agents Should Use Social Media

Perhaps you’ve been hesitating to get your insurance agency on social media. Maybe you’re not exactly sure what the benefits are, or feel that they wouldn’t outweigh the effort it takes to achieve success.

We’re here to change your mind.

Not only is it easy to get your business started, but there are also practically countless reasons for insurance agents to be on social media. This post discusses just a few of them.

Your clients are there

Many agents believe that the clients they want to reach don’t use social media. That couldn’t be further from the truth. As many as 81% of Americans have social media profiles, which means it’s more than likely that your clients do as well. Therefore, to reach your clients and prospects, that’s where you need to be.

It helps you manage your reputation

Any business worries about public perception. Sometimes it’s hard to control, particularly if you only communicate through your website and marketing materials. However, social media can be a great tool for managing your agency’s reputation. Through your social platforms, you can easily monitor the conversation about your business and step in to prevent future problems. During a crisis, it’s easy to step in and provide the correct information and respond to concerns. When it comes to building and maintaining reputation, social media is really the best weapon in your agency’s arsenal.

It connects you to the right people

As an insurance agent, you likely have a specific target audience for the types of coverage you sell. So perhaps it won’t matter to you how many 15 year-old Twitter users see your content, since you won’t be selling insurance to them. Fortunately, social media lets you target audiences by age, location, industry and interest. So, for example, if you sell crop insurance, you can target farmers in your state–ensuring that the right people will see your content and have the opportunity to respond. No, it’s not magic–but it’s close!

It builds better relationships with your clients

A great reason for insurance social marketing is the potential for relationship building. People share their lives on social media–and that includes your clients. Use social media to keep up with their birthdays, major life events, and interests. Sharing congratulations and best wishes lets them know that you’re there and you care. It may also give you the opportunity at some point to sell them new coverage that is relevant to their hobbies. If they post to your page, responding to and resolving their concerns promptly is another great way to build that client-agent relationship.

It’s a great way to educate

There are many types of content you can post on social media. You can post pictures, humorous content, industry news and lots of other things. However, probably the most valuable is educational content. It’s easy to use social media to share information with clients that might be important to them. Maybe it’s something relevant to one of their policies, or maybe it’s just tips for maintaining their home or car. Not only will your clients benefit, but sharing this information also helps establish your expertise in your field. Be the trusted insurance expert your clients want to work with!

It’s the absolute best for customer service

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Social media is great for customer service. When it comes to responding to your customers quickly and effectively, it really can’t be beat. Handling customer issues in a public space can be great, because new visitors to your page can see how important customer care is to your agency. And because more and more of today’s consumers are turning to business’ Facebook and Twitter accounts to voice their concerns, it’s important to be there to respond.

It gets your brand message across without being salesy

It turns out the social media is a great way to present your marketing effectively while keeping things natural. For instance, a post about your new lines of coverage or discounts your agency now offers sounds natural–it’s an informative post providing news about things going on at your agency. However, it also puts that information out to clients and prospects in the same way that your traditional marketing materials would. So while a client might throw out a promotional flyer they get in the mail, a similar message put into a Facebook post won’t feel so much like a sales pitch.

Your competition is already there

Did you know that more and more insurance carriers and agencies are already turning to social media? If your competition is there, then you should be, too! They are already reaping the benefits of social media in terms of more and better connections, effective marketing capabilities, and enhanced relationships that only social media can bring. So why would you let them get the leg up?

If you really want to define your agency’s brand, that’s one great reason for your insurance agency to be on social media. We’ve discussed before how social media can help you find your brand voice and promote the right image. The ability to create a recognizable brand and put it out where people can see it is one of social media’s biggest strengths for insurance agents.

Social media allows targeted ads

If you’re curious about how social media can help your marketing strategy, you’ll be interested in this one. Traditional ads can only reach the people who happen to see them. However, social media ads can be targeted to the specific audience you want to reach. So if you’re promoting homeowners insurance to newlyweds in Iowa, you can create an ad targeting a particular age group, location and interest. That way, your money only goes toward promoting your product to the people who actually need it.

It’s a great way to connect easily with new contacts

Here’s an easy way insurance agents can use social media: If you’re meeting someone for the first time, mention that your agency is on Facebook and/or Twitter, and ask if they’ll follow you. Many people will do so on their phones right then. You can even put your social media information on your business cards. That way clients, prospects and other contacts know right where to find you on social media.

You can target your content to a specific area

Have you heard of geotargeting? This is a feature of both Facebook and Twitter that allows you to target your content to a particular geological area. So, for instance, if an area where you have clients has been affected by flooding, you can post helpful information that will go out to folks who may have been affected by that disaster. This is a useful tool for disseminating information that’s specific to your service area.

Social media helps foster brand loyalty

All this interacting with clients and posting quality content on your social media: Do you know what it does? It creates more loyal clients. When your followers know that you’re an expert in your field, that you care about your clients, and that you’re great at customer service, they’re apt to stick with you instead of moving to another agency when a competing offer comes along.

It helps generate referrals

One reason that people use social media is to seek recommendations for businesses and services in your area. One benefit for insurance agents on social media is that it makes referrals easier for clients. If the friend of a client is looking on Facebook for new insurance, your client can easily tag your page–but only if you have one! Additionally, if a client posts a review or a question to your page, that post will show up in their friends’ news feeds. That’s nearly as good as a direct recommendation!

Social media makes it easy to respond to issues and complaints promptly

Social media is always moving in real time. That can make it intimidating to busy insurance agents, but it’s great for customer service. When clients bring their concerns to your social media pages, you can respond to them directly in a timely manner. That’s great for the customer, and great for you as well.

You can relate trending topics to the coverages you sell

For insurance agents, being on social media is a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of trending stories and topics. Keeping an eye on Facebook’s trending stories or Twitter’s hashtags can prepare you for opportunities to share things that are relevant to your agency. For instance, if there’s a hot story about self-driving cars and you sell auto insurance, that’s a great way to capitalize on a trend and earn some extra engagement.

It’s a great place to share your blog

We’ve written before about how important blogging can be for insurance agents. But once you’ve written the content, how do you make sure as many people see it as possible? The answer, of course, is social media. Sharing your blog posts on social media is the best way to let all your followers see the update. It also gives them the chance to share it and spread your message further.

Social media connects you with clients you might never have found otherwise

Did you know that Twitter lets you follow hashtags that might be relevant to your agency? You can even filter by location. This means that if someone in your area tweets about a life event (like buying a new home), you have a chance to congratulate them and offer your services if they need new coverage. Where else could you get such timely connections?

It drives traffic to your website

How are you getting prospective clients to your website? We’ve already learned that your clients and prospects are already on social media. So to get them to visit your website, you need to go where they are! By posting great content and targeting social media ads to the consumers you hope to reach, you drastically increase the chance of them clicking over to your site for more information.

It looks great in Google

Having a healthy social media presence is great for search engine rankings. If you’re hoping for customers to find you via a Google search, having social media accounts and being active on them is one of the best and easiest ways to increase the chances.

You can share news quickly

The fast pace of social media means that it’s ideal for sharing hot topics and evolving stories. So how about the news of your agency? If you’re attending a big regional conference, launching a new coverage, rebranding, or doing anything you think your clients would like to know about, post to social media. It helps to keep your followers on top of news relating to your business and keeps you at the front of their minds.

It lets you learn about your clients

Because many clients share the details of their daily lives on social media, keeping up with their news feeds is a great way to get to know them better. The better you know your clients, you can better serve them.

It helps you prevent insurance fraud

Fraud is a four-letter word for insurance agents. Social media can be a great tool for helping agents prevent and expose insurance fraud. Where researching potentially fraudulent claims can often be difficult, social media provides windows into clients’ lives that can be critical to exposing fraud before it harms your agency.

It’s extremely affordable in comparison to traditional marketing

When it comes to advertising, creating an ad for social media is a lot more affordable than traditional print or television ads. What’s more, social media platforms provide tools that let you monitor and measure your ad’s performance–something that is much more difficult to do with traditional advertising.

It lets you keep up with the competition

Even if your competitor was on social media first, you might be the first one to post about a certain trending topic. Or maybe you’ll be the first to go viral. The beauty of social media is that it provides an even playing field so anyone can be successful using it–from beginners to social media marketing veterans.

Getting started is easy

You have nothing to lose by getting your insurance agency on social media, and everything to gain. An InsuranceSocial.Media account is the easiest way for agents to reap the benefits of social media. Because the amazing content is already created for you and posts automatically, all you have to do is create your profile and watch the magic happen. Give it a try. Sign up for our 30-day free trial today.

Embrace the benefits

Being on social media has the potential to enhance the success of your business. From relationships to referrals to advertising, there are so many reasons for insurance agencies to use social media. And with InsuranceSocial.Media making it so easy, why haven’t you gotten started already?



By Mallory DuPuy

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