6 Social Media Myths Most Insurance Agents Believe

Using social media can seem intimidating, especially when your business is involved.

Just this week, we heard from an insurance agents who was having second thoughts about getting her agency on social media. She was nervous about the risks that come with having an Internet presence. Her concerns are pretty common among the agents we talk to. Andone thing we’ve found is that almost all of them are based on common social media myths.

If these myths are standing between your insurance agency and social media success, take a look at the facts. They’ll show you that your agency has nothing to fear. Rather, you’re faced with many benefits from getting started on social media.

Insurance social media myth #1: It’s too much work

It’s true that social media success requires some marketing and tech savvy. You need to post content, interact with followers, and respond to praise, concerns and complaints. So, okay, that does sound like a lot of work.

But the #1 thing to remember about social media: The time investment is worth it.

In terms of getting more exposure for your insurance agency, and in terms of providing quality customer care that will earn you loyalty and referrals, we can’t understate the value of social media. It’s a resource that we fully believe in.

But we know that, as an insurance agent, you’re very busy. That’s what we’re here for. An InsuranceSocial.Media subscription gives your agency the social media success it needs, with minimal time investment. It takes ten minutes to sign up and fill out your profile, and after that you can sit back and watch your online presence grow and flourish.

Still not convinced? Let us prove it to you. Sign up for our 30-day free trial today to see what InsuranceSocial.Media can do for your agency.

Insurance social media myth #2: My customers aren’t on social media

One of the myths about social media that insurance agents believe is that, while social media may be popular, it’s not where their customers spend time. This can be a fatal assumption. As of 2017, 81% of Americans have a social media account, and spend an average of over 30 minutes a day on social media. So by those numbers, odds are that most of your customers are spending time on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

But even if your customers are on social media, you may believe that they wouldn’t care to interact with your agency on those platforms. Not true. In reality, nearly 80% of social media users interact with brands they follow at least once per day. What does that mean? Being absent from social media is missing a huge opportunity to interact with both prospects and existing clients.

Insurance social media myth #3: It opens my business up to negative exposure

It’s true that being on social media opens you up to more feedback from your clients. And that feedback can be both positive and negative. The myth that many insurance agents believe, however, is that all negative comments are a bad thing. On the contrary, your social media presence gives you a new venue in which to handle customer complaints and demonstrate your dedication to quality customer service.

Studies show that complaints posted and resolved on social media result in higher customer loyalty. In addition, about a third of customers who receive responses go back to post a positive review, or at least delete their original negative review.

Consider that in contrast to third-party review sites where you may not get a chance to respond to these customer concerns. Those negative reviews just sit there with no resolution, and the author of the review (in addition to everyone who reads it) keeps their negative opinions of your agency. Social media has the amazing advantage of giving insurance agents the opportunity to respond and change perceptions.

So don’t think of social media as a place where your agency could be exposed to negative feedback. Think of it as a great opportunity to care for your customers in a new and effective way.

Of course, there are some users who are just around to cause trouble, which brings us to insurance social media myth number four…

Insurance social media myth #4: There are lots of trolls who might target my page

Unlike the mythical creatures who live under bridges, social media trolls are a real thing that does exist. However, these boogeymen of the Internet sound a lot scarier than they actually are.

In a nutshell, “trolls” are people who intentionally cause trouble on the Internet as a form of entertainment. They may argue with people, or espouse controversial views with the intention of causing an emotional response. In the case of businesses, trolls may post false provocative complaints in order to get the company to reply in an unprofessional manner.

The myth here is that trolls who target business pages are a lot less common than many people believe. Chances are, if someone makes a complaint on your page, they genuinely want a resolution to their issue. Therefore, it’s important to treat any complaint on social media as genuine until proven otherwise.

It’s very unlikely that your agency’s social media will be singled out by Internet trolls. However, if it ever does happen, handling trolls is as easy as giving quality, professional customer service and keeping a cool head.

Insurance social media myth #5: I need lots of followers to be successful

Of all the myths about social media for insurance agents, perhaps the most convincing is that number of followers = success. While having thousands of followers is great and will get you more exposure, social media is certainly a case in which quality is way more important than quantity. While growing your page is important, you’re better off focusing on a few best practices that can help you improve the quality of your agency’s social media experience.

Using social media as a tool to maximize the number of followers ignores its potential in other areas that could be more beneficial to your business. For instance, using it as a listening tool to help you provide better customer service, as mentioned above, will result in higher rates of customer loyalty and a greater number of referrals. It can also be used to follow your clients and prospects, and become more familiar with their needs.

In short, social media can help you become a better, more effective insurance agent–and you don’t need thousands of followers for that.

Insurance social media myth #6: I don’t have the time for social media

The most common myth about social media that we hear from insurance agents is a lack of time. We understand–you have a very busy job! And while we fully believe that having a social media presence for your insurance agency is worth the time investment, we get that it’s difficult to make room in your schedule to focus on things like creating content, growing your page, and interacting with followers.

That’s what we’re here for. We want insurance agents to achieve social media success without having to take time away from other important tasks. To that end, the InsuranceSocial.Media program is designed to streamline social media for insurance agents, providing great content and organic growth opportunities for your pages. It takes only ten minutes to sign up, create your profile, and start adding your agency’s voice to the social media conversation.

Want us to prove it? Sign up for our 30-day free trial to see how InsuranceSocial.Media can benefit your agency!

Don’t believe the myths

We want to spread the word about how social media can benefit insurance agents. If you’ve ever believed any of these myths, now is the time to forget what you think you know about social media and discover why it’s great for customers and agencies alike.

By Mallory DuPuy


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