A Certain Quality of Follower

Numbers aren’t everything.

A humble Facebook following doesn’t necessarily mean that the business itself is faltering. After all, different populations are attracted to different platforms (maybe the business’s Google+ following is off the charts!)… and some fields or industries simply have a tougher time gathering hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers or Facebook likes.

What you’re really looking for is a quality following. A group of people who connect with you and your agency. Who share your content. Who reply to your posts. Who write testimonials. Who turn to you when they need insurance.

That being said, there can be a benefit in simply building your numbers on social media. Not simply to have numbers worth boasting about—but to have a group of people around you who are willing to share your content with others, to be your evangelists out there in cyberspace. To attract you to those quality followers who may, in turn, become quality clients.

So when you’re focused on quantity—at least temporarily—try these tips to get those numbers on the rise.

  • Ask friends and family to follow your social media accounts. (Facebook makes it particularly easy to invite your Facebook friends to Like your Facebook Page.)
  • Launch an email campaign to ask current clients to follow your social media accounts.
  • Be sure your profile is completely filled out on each social media platform you use.
  • Use hashtags to attract followers (#insurance seems like an obvious choice! But #safety, #LossControl, or #RiskManagement might be worth considering too).
  • Connect with industry influencers on social media: share their content, Like their posts, and respond to their posts.

These tips to kickstart your social media followers can help you achieve a sort of critical mass, and may make it easier to connect with future clients. Use them wisely, and watch your numbers—and, with a little luck, your business—grow.

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