The Algorithm of Despair

“It’s weird that I’m not getting as many likes on Instagram this week,” our son said one evening. “Usually my videos get up to the triple digits.”

We cringed, but then plunged into the fray: it could be, we said carefully, because of the new algorithm.

Well, that was the end of peace in our house for about three days. Utterly outraged by Instagram’s betrayal, our son actually deleted the app from his smartphone. He spent his newly found free time reading up on the algorithm, and discovered what we’d already been seeing in our own social media feeds: he was not the only one horrified by the change. (In fact, here’s just one headline on the subject.)

Betrayed by the Algorithm?

Algorithm news often gets a very heated response, and Instagrammers are perhaps the most passionate (or at least the most vocal) of social media users, so certainly the platform’s departure from a chronological feed to an algorithmic feed, which tries to serve users the posts Instagram thinks they most want to see.

Coincidentally, Facebook recently announced yet another change to its own algorithm—one that will place greater emphasis on posts from friends. (Not to worry: if friends share your agency’s posts with their friends, you will continue to appear in news feeds and get engagement.)

Platforms change; algorithms evolve. The digital world simply doesn’t stand still.

How to Handle Algorithm Changes

So what’s the best way for insurance agents to deal with the ever-changing nature of the platforms where they’re striving to do social media marketing? Here are our top tips:

  • Stay on top of social media news. (It’s not even difficult: we actually saw Facebook’s new algorithm spotlighted on the local news.)
  • Continue to grow your follower numbers. The more followers you have, the greater the pool from which Likes and Shares can flow—and the higher up your posts will rise in the newsfeed.
  • Post stellar content that people want to share.

Need some help? That’s what we’re here for. Stay up on social media news by following our blog on Facebook and Twitter—and click here to find out how we can help you with that stellar content your followers will want to share.

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