All About Authenticity

If the only reason you’re establishing a social media presence is because you think Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are great lead generation tools, step away from your computer.

If the only posts you share on social media are efforts to sell, sell, sell, set down your device.

Think of it this way: how do you respond when a businessperson only talks to you in an effort to make a sale? We can all agree that this is a big turn-off. And your followers on social media won’t respond any differently—while they are your followers, anyway. (Remember, it’s just as easy to un-follow someone as it is to follow them in the first place!)

You’re not a sales machine: you’re a person who provides a product and a service that other people need. But you’re much more than that. You’re also a son or a daughter. You might be a brother or a sister, a husband or a wife, a father or a mother. You might be the proud owner of an iguana, a champion Boggle player, a “Game of Thrones” fan, a knitter or a restorer of classic cars.

You are a human being. And so are your followers.

You want to connect with them. Well, here’s some news: they want to connect with you, too. That’s why they’re following you in the first place.

So go ahead: share a little bit about yourself and your agency.

Of course, you’re representing your business whenever you post on social media, so you need to be smart. Don’t share details that are too intimate. Don’t use foul language. You may want to avoid hot-button topics like religion and politics (maybe even add sports to that list!). But here are some things you may want to incorporate in your social media marketing:

  • Do you volunteer for a worthy local organization? Or does your agency participate together in particular volunteer activities? Try posting photos of your community service.
  • Has your agency “adopted” a family in need for Thanksgiving? Or have you made a donation to an organization that works to help others? Post about why it’s important to you to reach out to the community.
  • Are you a marathon runner? A master gardener? A foodie? Occasional posts about your personal hobbies and achievements can round out your social media presence so that your followers really feel like they are in a relationship with a person, not just a cog in some corporation’s sales cycle.
  • If your agency has multiple agents or staff, we recommend a Meet the Agent Monday (or maybe Meet the Team Tuesday!) post. Each week, post a photo of a member of your team along with a short bio. You may be surprised at the level of positive response these posts receive!

Successful social media is about authenticity. Share the authentic you—share your authentic agency or brokerage—and your followers will respond.

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