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If you build it, they may come to the baseball diamond you built in your cornfield—but if you launch a social media account, they won’t necessarily flood it with Likes and Follows.

Social media can be a powerful tool in your marketing toolbox—but to build a better business, you need to utilize all the tools at your disposal, including your website, blog, email marketing, public relations plan, involvement in networking groups, and so on.

But remember, all these tools should work together. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Add links to your social media accounts in your email signature.
  • Revisit your profile for the professional groups you belong to. You may be able to include links to your social media. (We’re assuming your website address and email address are already listed!)
  • Does your agency stationery include your social media addresses or account names?
  • Planning a mailing through the US Postal Service? Be sure to include info about your social media accounts on your postcard of flier. At a bare minimum, include the icons for the social media platforms you’re using; better still, include the icons with your handle alongside. (Double- and triple-check the spelling! A misplaced hyphen could cost you new followers.)
  • Your business cards state your website and email address. Do they also let people know you’re on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or other platforms?
  • Sending out a press release? Be sure it includes your website address (as a hyperlink, if you’re sending the release out digitally). Your boilerplate agency description should also include the social media platforms where people can connect with you (again, as hyperlinks if the press release is digital).

With thought and planning to integrate it into your other marketing efforts, robust social media marketing can help you build a better book of business.

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