Spotlight on American Heart Month

Yes, Valentine’s Day comes around every Feb. 14—but that’s only one reason to have the heart on your mind in February. It just so happens that the shortest month of the year is American Heart Month, and that makes it a great time for you to share heart-healthy tips through your insurance social media, your insurance agency blog, and your insurance agency website.

Don’t get the wrong idea, either. Health tips are not the sole province of producers who sell health or life insurance. In fact, as you’ll see below, just about any insurance specialty can lend itself to a heart-healthy twist in February (or, honestly, any time of year!).

Insurance Social Media Ideas for American Heart Month

  • Did you know that certain professions are at greater risk of heart disease than others? If your agency works with companies that are in sales, food service, or office jobs, they are a great audience for heart health tips—because, as a recent study pointed out, they have more risk factors for heart disease.
  • Does your agency work with police officers or firefighters (perhaps you are the insurance agent for their credit union or other related organization)? This same study found that 90 percent of them are overweight or obese, more than two-thirds have high cholesterol, and more than one third have high blood pressure. What about a series of posts on healthy weight loss, cholesterol reduction, or how to lower blood pressure?
  • Do you write workers’ comp or disability insurance? How about a post or a series of tips on ways employers can help their workers to be heart-healthy?
  • Do you know a dietician, a healthcare provider, or a trainer who could contribute to your content for this month? You may find that they’re very willing to write a blog post that your agency can share on social media.
  • Why not schedule a heart-healthy event for your agency staff? Invite a health professional to a “learning lunch” where your staff can pick up some heart-healthy tips, invite the Red Cross to offer a CPR training to your staff, or host a healthy cooking demonstration. IMPORTANT: Be sure to videotape your event, and then post the video to your social media accounts! You’ll provide a great example of what an employer can do during American Heart Month, you’ll build your agency’s reputation as putting people first, and you could make some very big social media gains simply by sharing a video instead of a photo or (gasp!) an all-text post.

Here’s a bonus tip we want you to pay special attention to: while you’re sharing all these health tips with your followers, make sure you adopt a few of them, too. A healthy insurance agent is a productive insurance agent!

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