Avoid TMI Syndrome

You know the drill:

Social media is supposed to be social.

Social media marketing is all about building relationships.

Social media is about sharing, not selling.

In other words, social media marketing is heavy on the social. You need to be yourself, have a personality.

Even if your social media accounts are for your insurance agency, the accounts need to have a personality. So how can you maintain a professional social media marketing presence, while at the same time revealing who you—and the other people at your agency—really are?

Here are a few tips to help you be personable, without being too personal.


  • Talk about local events that are meaningful to you. Is your town or state having a big anniversary or event? Share others’ posts about the event to help publicize it beforehand, take photos while you’re attending, and share your enthusiasm freely. Is your agency sponsoring a local team or volunteering with a local agency? Spotlight the team or organization, and be honest about how excited your agency is to offer support.
  • Share hobbies or experiences that your followers might find interesting or entertaining. If any of your agents volunteer with a local organization, highlight their good work. If you’re undertaking a project to make your yard drought-tolerant, to replace all your traditional lightbulbs with energy-conserving bulbs, to start cooking with more locally grown produce, not only will sharing this information put your agency in a positive light, it may inspire others to follow your good example.
  • Congratulate staff on hire anniversaries, birthdays, and other special events. Include a photo of the individual (making sure you have their permission to do so!). You may find that these posts are among the most popular in your social media feed.
  • Post about events that you attend—particularly educational and industry events that will make you a better informed agent, benefiting your clients.
  • Create fun posts around observances and holidays, like National Dog Day (maybe you could post a photo of each staffperson with his or her pet!), National Hot Dog Day (company lunch?), or National Preparedness Month (photos of your staff getting CPR training!).


  • Include photos of yourself, staff, or clients in situations that could be perceived negatively. Avoid photos of yourself or staff drinking alcoholic beverages, in sexual situations, taking selfies behind the wheel, or doing anything dangerous.
  • Post about vacations until after you return. (Don’t give thieves the opportunity they’re looking for!)
  • Address political issues, no matter how passionately you feel about them. Your political opinion does not have a place on your agency’s social media outlets. If, however, a political issue arises that could impact your clients, that’s a different story: you can include factual information about how the issue could impact them, along with a link to a non-biased (in other words, not left- or right-leaning) publication’s story about the issue.
  • Post photos of people without their permission. Avoid including photos of children in your social media, for their safety.
  • Comment on controversial issues (no matter how logical you believe your opinion is!)

Our number one tip to help you avoid TMI Syndrome? Consider what you would find appropriate (or unacceptable!) on the social media account of a company you follow. Remember that we are talking about your professional social media accounts for your insurance agency. And above all, keep in mind that personality is important—but within the boundaries of propriety. Your goal is to increase, not decrease, your book of business.

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