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If you follow our blog, you likely know by now how valuable LinkedIn is as part of your social-based marketing strategy. It’s not just a place for you to market your product. It’s also a platform on which you can build a mutually beneficial community of like-minded professionals.

However, building these communities initially can be tricky. That’s where LinkedIn groups can come in as an amazing resource for agents. This article will discuss how LinkedIn groups can be beneficial to insurance professionals like you. We’ll also cover some of the best groups on the platform to join.

Why use groups?

Your immediate circle on LinkedIn likely consists of people you’ve interacted with directly in the past: Colleagues, employers, perhaps even classmates. Expanding your network beyond these people with whom you have a face-to-face relationship can be difficult. A direct introduction is a big help, but those can be difficult or awkward to get.

LinkedIn groups provide a way for professionals united by a common interest or industry to socialize on the site. By sharing news, engaging in discussions, and asking for advice, you become a part of a larger community and have the potential to expand your network to include people you might not have met under ordinary circumstances. And not only can you gain valuable knowledge and connections by engaging with the users in these groups, but you can also use them to build awareness for your brand.

It makes sense how LinkedIn groups can be beneficial to insurance agents. And it also helps that using them is relatively easy.

How to use insurance groups on LinkedIn

    –Build up others

Many users use groups to discuss their projects, concerns, successes, and failures. To be a part of a community, it’s important to show that you care for others within it. Comment with your advice, congratulations, or encouragement where appropriate. When you’re known as a positive voice within the community, others will feel good about offering similar feedback to your posts.

    –Ask questions

People love to offer their expertise to help others. Additionally, though you may be an insurance expert, you are not all-knowing. If you have a question, concern, or thought about something relevant to the group, don’t hesitate to share. You’ll find that users are more than willing to put their own knowledge to work to help you out.

    –Share your successes

It’s okay to boast now and then. If your agency has done something to be proud of, share it with the group. People love to be a part of a celebration, so give them a chance to offer you congratulations.

    –Stay on topic

While casual discussions can happen on LinkedIn groups, it’s important to remember the purpose of the group in which you are posting. Try to avoid posting articles, stories, or comments that are irrelevant or only tangentially related to the group’s purpose. At the end of the day, LinkedIn is a website used by professionals to make professional connections–so save the Buzzfeed quizzes to share on Facebook!

    –Post relevant articles

Found some news that is relevant to a group you’ve joined? Share it with the group. Industry-specific news sites or journals can be a great source for content to post on LinkedIn groups, from updates about specific companies to industry-related studies. Just remember two rules: One, don’t post too often–users who post multiple times a day can be seen by other members as irritating; two, browse the group before posting to ensure that your link hasn’t already been shared–you want to be the member who shares fresh and interesting news, not the one who’s posting about something that everyone else already discussed last week.

    –Find employees

Particularly if a group is specific to your area, they can be a good way to find new talent for your agency. Interacting with potential employees socially can help you determine how well they would fit into your workforce.

    –Establish yourself as a thought leader

When you’re recognized as an expert in your field, it not only makes you more trustworthy to other group members, but can also help you build a better name for your brand. When other users post questions, take the time to answer them fully and thoughtfully. Offer advice with authority, and cite sources wherever possible. Coupled with posting industry-relevant news, this strategy will help you be recognized within the community as someone worth listening to.

Best Insurance Groups on LinkedIn

There are many insurance-related groups on LinkedIn. Some are industry- or coverage-specific, and others may be exclusively for professionals in a certain city, state, or region. Take the time to search for the groups that would most benefit your agency. To get you started, however, here are a few of the most popular and most effective insurance groups on LinkedIn:

    –Insurance Journal

Run by the national magazine Insurance Journal, this group is for insurance professionals looking to stay up-to-date on the latest industry news. From people, to statistics, to events–this group is how you stay in-the-know.

    –Insurance Professionals

Touting an impressive 180,000+ members, this group prides itself on being “the largest and most active spam-free insurance group on LinkedIn.” It is also one of the earliest insurance groups to pop up on the network, being founded in 2007. It is open to insurance industry professionals of all types, including those in annuities, claims professionals, and home office executives.

    –Global Insurance Network

If you have an insurance blog, this is a must-join group for you. Its main focuses are helping independent insurance professionals drive traffic to their websites and blog, in addition to connecting job hunters with the right agencies, and assisting them in writing resumes and cover letters.

    –Risk, Regulation, and Reporting

To avoid fraud within the insurance industry, it’s important to stay up-to-date on news of it. That is one of the aims of this group. They discuss global news on RRR, fraud and financial crime within the banking and insurance industries.

    –ReMark eXchange

This group is where insurance professionals on LinkedIn go to share ideas on distribution by way of various channels, including direct, brokerage, and traditional agents. Formerly called “Insurance Distribution (Marketing) Professionals,” this group is just as adept at finding insights and cutting-edge solutions under their new, snappier name.

    –Insurance Consultancy

If you want to learn how to help your agency stand out on LinkedIn, this is a great group to join. They discuss ways that insurance professionals in all parts of the industry can differentiate their LinkedIn profiles. Members can also share their unique claims experience and knowledge with other users.

By becoming a part of the communities in LinkedIn groups, you give yourself a boost in growing your network, building relationships within your industry, and expanding your knowledge of the insurance world. They are equally as good for personal and professional growth as they are to have as part of your social-based marketing strategy. What insurance groups would you join on LinkedIn?

–By Mallory DuPuy

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