Breaking Down the Twitter Limits

Well, good news, character counters: Twitter is once again making it easier to keep the conversation going—without resorting to cryptic slang, misspellings, and symbols like “prob,” “cd,” and “any1.”

It started when Twitter introduced the quote tweet function. In this way, a tweep can reference a complete tweet while responding to it—and the quoted tweet counts only as 23 characters.

Soon those quoted tweets won’t count against that 140-character limit at all–and neither will other attached visual media.

Among the changes that will soon roll out:

  • If you reply to a tweet, the @name at the start of your tweet will not count against your character limit. (Be forewarned, however: if you mention someone on Twitter, that mention will still count toward your 140 characters.)
  • Attached photos, videos, GIFs, quote tweets, and other media will not count against the 140-character limit. However, URLs that direct followers to websites will continue to count against the character limit.

At InsuranceSocial.Media, we’re huge fans of Twitter. We love the news bites it provides, the wit it encourages, and the capability to scan quickly for items of interest. We are very excited about this change, which will make it possible for us to provide even more engaging social media content to our subscribers—not to mention crafting even stronger social media for our own followers! Thanks, Twitter! Can’t wait to see this change roll out.

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