Cross-Selling Insurance Using Social Media

We’ve already established that social media is a great tool for insurance agents. It can help you build your brand, drive traffic to your website, maintain stronger relationships with clients, and so much more.

But even with all those perks, what good is social media if it’s not helping you sell insurance? Make the most of your existing client base by using social media to cross-sell insurance.

Cross-sell insurance on social media by educating

As you’ve heard from us before, many of the individuals who will follow your agency’s page on social media will be existing clients. You won’t need to convince them to choose your agency, because they already have at least one policy with you. That means that your main strategy should be showing them the value of insurance lines they might not be aware of.

That’s where social media comes in: As an education tool to inform clients of the benefits of different types of coverage. Use it as a platform for informative posts, useful statistics and compelling facts that show clients the value of the different types of insurance you offer.

Informative and educational posts are exactly the kind of content we strive to create for our clients. If you’re looking to streamline your social media marketing and take the guesswork out of creating posts, sign up for our 30-day free trial today.

Focus on cross-selling lesser-known insurance lines on social media

Most of your clients likely already have main insurance lines with you, such as auto or home. Those are lines you won’t have to work very hard to sell. So use your social media to tell clients about some of the lesser-known types of insurance you write. Perhaps they could benefit from coverage such as RV insurance or travel insurance–but only if they know what it is and that you write it!

Promote insurance policy reviews to cross-sell on social media

When clients schedule time to chat with you about their existing insurance policies, that’s the perfect time to introduce them to new coverages from which they could benefit. But the trick is in initiating that conversation.

Think of some reasons that a client would want to review their policy with you. They may suspect they have too little coverage, or too much. Saving money is obviously an attractive prospect for any client–so you can promote the possibility of finding new discounts they could qualify for. Use these ideas to create posts that tout the benefits of getting a policy review. From there, it’s so easy to introduce the idea of a new policy.

Cross-sell insurance by showing what similar clients have purchased

When you buy a product online, many retail sites will show you products what other customers have purchased after buying the same item. It’s a great way to see similar products that appeal to people with similar interests to yours. So why can’t insurance agents do the same? Spoiler: You can!

Try rounding up statistics on your clients who have more than one type of insurance with you. It’s easy to use those numbers to create informative posts that show clients other coverage they may benefit from. For instance, you could have a post stating that, “XX% of clients who have auto insurance with us also purchased a renter’s policy.” Knowing these numbers is enough to get clients curious about whether they, too, could use that type of coverage.

Get to know your insurance clients on social media

Spend time browsing your clients’ social media. It can tell you a lot about your them, such as their hobbies and major life events. In turn, that can tell you about the things they’ll likely want to insure. Armed with this information, you’ll know what type of coverage to discuss next time you talk to them.

Use social media to follow up and cross-sell insurance

Any time you work with a client, it’s a good idea to reach out to them afterward for a follow-up. You can make sure they were satisfied with your service, and find out if you can assist them in any other way. Using social media for these follow-up conversations is a great strategy. A majority of social media users check their accounts daily, and many of them prefer it over phone calls as a contact method.

As you follow up, be sure to mention other types of coverage you think the client could benefit from–and cite specific benefits to reinforce your point. Even if they don’t take you up on the suggestion right away, at least you’ll be planting a seed and giving them something to think about. The next time you have a conversation with this client, they may be interested in learning more.

Target people who already have an insurance product with a different agency

It’s not uncommon for people to have different insurance policies with different agencies. After all, they may need a type of policy that you don’t write. More often, they aren’t even aware that you offer many different types of coverage.

So how do you get your clients to leave their other agents to open a new policy with you? That’s where the insurance education we mentioned above comes in. Awareness is the first step in showing your clients that you can meet their needs. Use your social media to showcase the different lines of insurance you sell. Next, combine that education with great customer service in every client interaction. They key is to make your customer feel great about choosing your agency and get them to want to do more business with you.

Another strategy is to use your social media to share news about competitors. If one of your competitors has a data breach, a lawsuit, or something similar, sharing that news can work to your advantage. Of course, you never want to badmouth your competition–but your clients have a right to know what is going on with their insurers, especially if they could be at risk. So simply sharing the information is useful, and may give them a push toward switching their policy to your agency.

Show the value of having multiple insurance lines with one agency

If you want to be the one-stop shop for you clients’ insurance needs, you have to show them the perks of buying all their insurance products from you. Reinforce the convenience of having one agent for multiple lines of insurance. Do you have a simple claims process, or offer incentives for clients with multiple policies? Do you give rewards for certain lengths of time without making a claim? Promote these perks on your social media so that your clients know to take advantage of them.

Cross-selling insurance using social media takes practice

You may not get a yes the first, second, or even third time you suggest a new insurance policy to a client over social media. However, that doesn’t mean you stop trying! Social media is an effective tool to help insurance agents maximize their profitability–but using it can take practice. Try one or more of these strategies, and mix and match them until you discover what works best for your business.

By Mallory DuPuy

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