The Easiest Social Media Strategy: Just Ask

Every company (and every insurance agency) strives for marketing success. Entire departments of major corporations exist to achieve it. College degrees offer learning strategies to attain it. But what if we told you that there’s a simple social media strategy that doesn’t involve algorithms, disruption, or trending hashtags?

Here it is: Just ask.

Sometimes, simply reaching out and asking for what you want is the best strategy. With the power of social media, you’d be surprised how many people will respond to your call!

When to “Just Ask”

  • Want to convert current or prospective clients to Facebook and Twitter followers? The next time you send out an e-mail, just ask! Many of them may not even be aware of your social media presence. With the click of a button, they can connect with you in a new way.
  • Looking for followers for your new Instagram account? Just ask on Facebook or Twitter! Chances are, your existing followers will be happy to see your content on multiple platforms.
  • Want more referrals? Just ask on social media! Those who have already connected with you will most likely be happy to suggest your agency to their friends and family if you express an interest.
  • Need more likes, comments, and retweets? Just ask in your posts! “Like if you agree,” “Retweet to spread the word,” and “Share your thoughts in the comments” are just a few ways you can invite participation and engagement in your social media.
  • Want more people to learn about your insurance agency? Just ask your followers to share your page! Social media users are more likely to take recommendations from friends, so sharing is a sure way for your existing followers to help you grow your page.

In the complicated and noisy world of marketing, such an easy strategy can seem too good to be true. And while there are a multitude of ways for you to gain followers and expand your reach on social media, sometimes it’s great to just ask.

–By Mallory DuPuy

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