Engagement: Simple Steps to a Lofty Goal

We’ve said it before (and, no doubt, we’ll say it again!): it’s not the number of your followers that counts the most. It’s the level of their engagement.

An engaged audience knows, likes, and trusts you—just like your clients know, like, and trust you as their insurance agent.

Think of it this way: yes, the number of your new policy sales matters—but what really matters for your book of business (and your sanity!) is customer retention.

So how can you increase your engagement levels on social media? How can you turn those social media relationships into real-life interactions? And how can those interactions develop into sales?

Don’t panic: the answer is very simple.

And it doesn’t even have to take much of your time.

What it does take is just a little bit of planning ahead. Spend a little time now so your engaging social media posts can hook your followers later!

Here’s how.

Simple Steps to Increased Engagement

Picture This.

No matter how much of a social media newbie you are, you’re likely aware that photos are a hot social media commodity. The question is, what kind of photos (or videos!) will really appeal to your followers? Ask your staff for ideas, and give it some thought yourself. Then take a few hours this weekend to snap some photos you think your followers will like. (Consider asking your staff to do the same!) Some ideas: the gorgeous flowering tree outside your building; your desk overflowing with paperwork; your dog being especially adorable. Take a look at your calendar and decide which photos to post on which days. Make a note to do it, or better yet, schedule them (a function already included inside of Facebook; for other platforms, you’ll want to use a tool like Hootsuite to help you schedule).

Rinse, Lather, Repeat.

Check on the success of your social media posts, note what is inspiring the greatest number of likes and comments, and then post more of those types of posts. Did your followers respond to that photo of your dog with lots of Likes? Did they share photos of their own pets? Clearly critters are a great engagement topic for your followers. Do they respond to photos of your office staff volunteering or being silly around the office? Post more of that type of photo.

Give It Away.

Tell your followers that you’ll hold a drawing for a prize—maybe a bicycle, maybe an iPad Mini, maybe a gift card to a popular restaurant in the neighborhood—on the last day of the month. Be sure to post about it regularly (including an image of the prize!). Suggest that followers encourage their friends to follow your page, too, so they’ll also have a chance to win. Your follower numbers are sure to rise, and if you keep sharing other content that they find engaging, you won’t see a dip in numbers after the prize giveaway.

Time It Right.

Can you make some time in the evening to look at the day’s trending topics, and see if one would be a great topic for you to post about? If that’s too big a commitment, give some thought to upcoming national holidays and other observances, and consider how you can jump into the conversation on those days (think Valentine’s Day, Earth Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving…). If you ask your staff to share what they love in a series of Valentine’s Day posts, or what they’re thankful for in a series of Thanksgiving posts, your followers are sure to respond to that.

What do all these tactics have in common? They reveal the people behind your brand. And it’s the people that are the key to engagement.

After all, social media is about being social. It’s about relationships. So give your followers a personality to relate to. Get them engaged!

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