How to Get Insurance Referrals with a Tool That Works

As an insurance agent, insurance referrals are the one thing you can never have enough of. You rely on them to get leads and, hopefully, new clients.

Yet many agents struggle with this aspect of their business. Some even feel guilty asking for insurance referrals.

First of all, you should never feel guilty for asking your clients to recommend you! In fact, customers love being able to make recommendations to their friends. They (rightly) feel that they’ve done a good thing. If a client has a great experience with you, chances are they’ll be more than happy to recommend your agency if you just ask.

Second, there are many ways (beyond having an awkward conversation) that agents can get referrals. You can have a go-to method, or you can mix and match different strategies depending on your clients.

But what if we told you we have a better way?

How to Get Insurance Referrals

The great thing about being an InsuranceSocial.Media subscriber is that you have automatic access to our referral tool. It streamlines the process of getting insurance referrals, making this crucial process simple and worry-free. All you need is your client’s e-mail address.

If you’re already a subscriber, give it a try. Access our referral tool through your InsuranceSocial.Media admin panel, and choose the “Referrals” option on the sidebar on the left-hand side. The interface includes simple instructions on how to get started.

If you’re not yet an InsuranceSocial.Media subscriber, give our amazing referral tool a try by starting a free trial today!

How Agents Benefit

By getting clients to share their positive experiences with your agency, you reap the benefits in terms of building trust with prospects. You also get some great marketing opportunities. These stories establish credibility because they’re free of the sales pitches included in traditional marketing content.

Often these testimonials will result in great, shareable content that you can use for your website and social media. The natural language of insurance testimonials has an impact because it doesn’t sound crafted or contrived. So they often get a great response wherever you use them.

Even if the feedback you get from using our referral tool isn’t 100% positive, you win. Why? It’s a great way to learn what your clients think and what you can improve about the customer experience at your agency.

How Clients Benefit

When looking to purchase an item or a service, you always feel a little more secure in your decision when you take a recommendation from a friend. Referrals help potential clients choose your agency with confidence, knowing that others before them have had great experiences.

Reading testimonials is a lot like getting a recommendation from a friend. Hearing about a third-party experience with a business underscores and reinforces that company’s dedication to good customer service. It builds trust in a similar way that a direct recommendation does.

The customers giving the testimonials benefit as well. Everyone loves to be asked for their opinion. And being approached by a business in this sort of positive manner tends to increase the customer’s emotional bond with that business. In this way, testimonials build loyalty for your agency. They’re good for the client, who knows to always expect a great experience, as well as for your business.

How Testimonials Generate Referrals

InsuranceSocial.Media’s referral tool helps agents generate quality testimonials. Insurance testimonials are an amazing marketing resource for agents, as we’ve discussed before.

But why do we call it the “referral tool?”

The testimonials solicited by our referral tool are posted to social media—either automatically when your client responds, or by the client directly if they choose to go to your page and write their testimonial manually. They act as word-of-mouth recommendations. When posted on social media, they have the power to elicit responses from anyone who sees them. And some of those people may be in need of a good insurance policy!

Additionally, when clients give their testimonial it’s good practice for what they might say to a friend when recommending your agency. While it might not have occurred to them to recommend their insurance agent before, once they’ve articulated their great experience with your business, the words are at the front of their mind. That makes them much easier to say when encountering a friend who might be in need of a quality insurance experience. Remember that testimonials also build loyalty—and loyal customers tend to recommend your business to their friends.

The clients who choose to write their testimonials directly on your page have even more opportunity to generate quality referrals. When a Facebook user makes a post to a public page, that post appears in friends’ newsfeeds. So when a client posts their testimonial on your page, all that person’s friends have a chance to see it. By posting to your page, they’re as good as recommending your agency to all their friends at once. This functionality has the ability to connect you with a multitude of prospects.

So while the referral tool may not solicit referrals directly, it has the potential to generate a plethora of leads for your agency. It’s a powerful resource that results in many benefits to your business.

How to Implement the Referral Tool

So, once all is said and done, how do you actually use this tool to benefit your agency and start generating insurance referrals?

The best use of the referral tool is for following up with clients. Any time you work with a client and they say, “thank you,” make a note of their e-mail address and plug it into the referral tool.

Additionally, use the tool any time you have a positive transaction with a client—whether it’s when setting up a policy, filing an claim, or resolving an issue. If they walk away happy, turn to the referral tool for an easy way to get their feedback.

Perhaps you don’t have time to log on every day to use this tool. In that case, we recommend keeping a running list of clients who you think might offer positive feedback. Once a week, log in and use the referral tool to follow up with those clients who you’ve interacted with in the past few days. You’ll save time and effort while getting you the quality feedback and leads you need.

Get More Insurance Referrals

Our insurance referral tool is a strategy you could be implementing right now. If you’re already an InsuranceSocial.Media member, log in today and give it a try.

If you’re not yet a subscriber, don’t miss out on getting more insurance referrals. Sign up for our risk-free free trial today.

–By Mallory DuPuy


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