How to Sell Insurance Using Social Media


We’re in the social media business because we know that it’s about more than sharing vacation photos and commenting on this week’s trending topics. We believe that it’s the most important marketing and selling tool that companies can utilize today. Facebook bosts over 1.5 billion users, and Twitter has over 300 million. Out of those users, 69% of Facebook and 42% of Twitter users check the sites daily. That’s a lot of people who could be viewing your content. So the question is: how to sell insurance using social media?

Using social media to sell insurance isn’t just something your agency should do — if you want your business to thrive, it’s something you HAVE to do. Did you know that most social media users are millennials? And they need insurance, just like their parents did. With millennials surging into the economic landscape, it’s essential to be where the largest demographic in history is spending their time. So how do you get social media users to choose your agency over your competitors?

How to Sell Insurance Using Social Media

You’ve probably heard it said that social media users don’t want to be sold to, but let’s be honest: They know you have insurance to sell, and they know you want them to buy it. That’s no secret. Furthermore, they absolutely will buy from you as long as your product makes sense for them, and is a good value for the price. Therefore, the idea is not to conceal sales tactics or sneak them into your content. The idea is to give them what they want in terms of value and quality.

How to Sell Insurance with Real Stories

Share stories of common situations in which people have needed a type of insurance. This could be something as simple as a fender bender, or a real horror story like someone’s pipe’s bursting while they were on vacation. You followers will identify and sympathize, putting themselves in the shoes of the people in the story. “What if this happened to me?” But it doesn’t have to be all horror stories — entertaining stories about bizarre claims or insurance misunderstandings can earn you plenty of likes and shares.

Another type of story that’s great to share? Stories about clients saving money with your agency! It’s one thing to tell a potential client that you can help them save on a policy, but hearing it from an actual person can really hit home. Testimonials in general are a great thing to share on your social media. Reach out to some happy clients and see if you can make a video of them talking about why they love doing business with your agency. Take advantage of InsuranceSocial.Media’s automated referral function to streamline the process of soliciting–and posting–testimonials.

How to Sell Insurance by Offering Rewards

Chances are, you have many followers who would sign up for a new policy, but they just haven’t taken the plunge yet. It’s up to you to give them a good reason.

The trick about offering rewards, though, is that is stops being special when everyone gets them. So, for instance, if you want to offer a gift card to people who visit your site and get a quote on a new policy, instead of offering it to everyone make it just for people who have a birthday this month. Even if most of your followers don’t fall into that category, they might forward to offer to friends who do have a birthday. (Be sure to follow state and federal regulations when designing a giveaway or rewards program.)

Similarly, you can make the reward something your clients feel good about. Charity donations are a great reward to offer because you’re helping a good cause, giving your clients an incentive, and helping them feel good about doing business with your agency. So you could offer to donate $5 to a charity for every person who gets a quote on a certain day. Giving back is not only great, it can have great returns for your agency!

Finally, if your agency is able to offer discounts in certain situations, be sure to announce it on social media — and share the news more than once! It could be the one thing needed to prod a hesitating client into making a decision to buy from you.

How to Sell Insurance by Sharing Stories About Competitors

You should never smear your competitors — but if they’re in the news, your followers deserve to know about it. If you hear of another carrier filing for rate increases, share that news on your social media and invite your followers to tag their friends who may be insured with them. Another benefit of this: If your own clients ever have a rate increase, they’ll know that other companies are going through the same thing as well.

How to Sell Insurance by Posting Pictures

Image posts do better than almost any other type of post on social media — that’s one big reason Instagram is so popular! So include images in your posts wherever possible. High engagement means that potential customers are more aware of you, which means that they’re more likely to turn to you for their insurance needs. Whether it be a beautiful home, a sleek new car, or a brand new business, a picture can really bring a message home.

Sharing images of yourself and the employees at your agency lets your followers see the real people behind the insurance. Share pictures of office events, office pets, and even just regular days. Business travel also creates great opportunities for image posts that can attract high engagement. Don’t just tell the story of your agency — show it.

Encourage your users to share photos of items they’ve insured with you. You could even turn it into a contest, where the winner has the photo shared on your page, and maybe receives a small prize like a giftcard or a ticket to a local sporting event. Your followers love a little competition, almost as much as they love sharing their pictures — it’s a win-win!

How to Sell Insurance by Asking Customers to Tell Their Friends

Insurance agents thrive on referrals, and social media doesn’t change that. In fact, it can make it way easier to get them! Since most of your followers are likely already clients anyway, they’ll most likely be glad to tell a friend about your agency. All you need to do is ask. (And InsuranceSocial.Media’s automated referral function makes it easy!)

And on that subject…

Remember: Most Followers Are Already Your Clients

Keep in mind that most of the people following you on social media probably already bought a policy from you. With that in mind, don’t try to sell them on a policy they already have. Instead, use your page to raise awareness about other lines of coverage you offer, or additions to their existing policies that they might benefit from.

You can also offer policy reviews, advertising the benefits in terms of new discounts they may qualify for. Policy reviews are a great way to start a conversation that benefits both you and the client. It’s also a great way to show your great customer service skills, something that’s sure to have them talking to their friends about your agency.

These days, door-to-door sales are out, and social media is in. Not only is it popular technology, but it also gives you the unique opportunity to start a conversation with any potential client at any time. Because it puts your message in front of so many people at once, you can easily find plenty of ways to sell insurance using social media.


–By Mallory DuPuy

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