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Independent Insurance Agents

Independent insurance agents have it made.

Representing more than one insurance company, they have the power to pinpoint the exact coverage or product—at the exact price—that meets each client’s individual needs. They shine when it comes to customer service, sticking by the client until a claim is settled. And their relationship-building skills are second to none; it’s not unusual for multi-generation independent insurance agencies to work with families—or family businesses—for one generation after the next.

But when it comes to marketing the agency, independent insurance agents can struggle.

Even if an insurance company offers money for digital marketing outreaches, how can the agent reach current and potential clients? What are the best practices for blogging, social media marketing, and inbound marketing? How can social media be used as a lead-generation tool? What’s the best way to share content without encroaching on copyright or other legal issues—or just plain annoying followers?

All these questions may be up to the agent or broker to research—er—independently.

Well, how else would an independent insurance agent or broker research it?

All joking aside: this is exactly why InsuranceSocial.Media got its start. It’s our goal to help independent insurance agents and brokers get in the social media game—without spending hours investigating different platforms and how best to exploit them for marketing.

Not to mention the question of crafting content for each social media platform (after all, Twitter’s 140-character limit requires users to post differently than they might on Facebook or Google+). And that content must not only conform to each platform’s regulations, but also to the requirements of each state’s insurance commission.

There are a lot of issues to consider when launching a social media marketing outreach—and that’s probably why so many agents and brokers end up setting up social media accounts only to abandon them.

But just because you’re an independent insurance agent, that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. Click here to learn how InsuranceSocial.Media can partner with you on your social media marketing.

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