Influencer Marketing in the Insurance Industry

Influencer marketing is taking the world by storm–and that includes the insurance industry. Large carriers are spending millions of dollars to have big name celebrities spread their message on social media. When the average return on influencer marketing is $6.50 for every dollar spent , it’s a no-brainer for insurance organizations of all shapes and sizes to invest in influencers. But how do smaller agencies and mutuals leverage influencer marketing in order to make it worth their time and money?

First, you are probably asking, what exactly is influencer marketing? It places the focus on influential people—people who have influence over potential customers–rather than the target market as a whole. It’s a way to leverage clients, professionals, or bloggers that have a good relationship with your business so that they spread your message to their audiences. The most popular place for influencer marketing is on social media. Using influencers allows your company to reach an audience outside of your own.

Applying Influencer Marketing at Your Insurance Organization

Although you may be wondering how you would ever be able to find an influencer that will willingly represent your brand, there are many people right under your nose that could be great influencers. The first place to look is within your own books. Current clients are great influencers because they already have a relationship with you. Maybe you have a high profile client or a client that is well known in your area. That person most likely can reach and have influence over your potential clients through their social media accounts. Another batch of clients that could be good influencers: those that are active on your social media accounts. Maybe there is someone constantly liking and commenting on your posts. Check out their social media and see if their audience would be a good fit for your message.

A second place to look for influencers is within the insurance industry itself. Have you met any influential insurance professionals? Do you read a good insurance related blog? Look for people who give valuable information to their followers–because when they speak, people listen. Therefore, if they are saying your name, others are hearing your name! People that normally wouldn’t hear from you! Thus, the magic of influencer marketing.

Attracting and Utilizing Influencers

Once you have targeted potential influencers, how do you get them to work for you? It is important that you don’t immediately ask for them to be an influencer. It’s a relationship building process. (The good news: as an insurance professional, relationship building is at you professional core!)

The first thing you should do is reach out to the potential influencer and start an informal conversation either in person or online. Make sure to ask questions and get to know them. (This first conversation is not about getting them to be an influencer.) The second step is to start interacting with them on social media. Like, comment and share their posts. If you scratch their back, they are likely to scratch yours in return. Thirdly, continue to develop the relationship by helping them out. Offer advice or think of ways to add value to their lives.

Once you feel like you have created a strong enough relationship, you can then see if they would like to help your business. For instance, would they be willing to share your posts on their social media, write a testimonial, or even wear  a shirt with your company’s name on it?

Before all this can take place, though, you need to make sure you have a solid, engaging social media presence that your influencer can share! Need some help? That’s what we’re here for.  

–By Matt Lavery

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