Why Your Insurance Agency Needs Social Advertising

Gone are the days of only making connections through word-of-mouth referrals and Chamber of Commerce networking. Today’s insurance agent needs a more comprehensive marketing plan–and that includes social advertising.

Different from the advertising you may be used to (like the Yellow Pages, local newspaper, and radio ads), social advertising refers to the ads you see on Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms.  But how exactly is social advertising different?

Social Advertising Is More Powerful

Your customers live on social media. In fact, 48% of consumers refer to social media comments prior to making an insurance buying decision. And 67% of the buyer’s journey is conducted digitally. In other words, your customers are already comfortable exploring products and service providers online. Advertising to them there simply makes sense. Actually, 78% of consumers say that brand-generated social media posts influence their purchases. If you’re not using social media to get your message to prospects and customers, you’re missing a tremendous opportunity.

Social Advertising Builds Your Brand

Your brand is both who your organization is—and how customers perceive it. With your social media content, you can emphasize the aspects of your organizational identity you want your customers to remember. And you can influence the way they view your organization. In addition, you can ensure the consistency of your brand’s presentation through the look and sound—and schedule—of your social media posts. That consistency alone is incredibly valuable. The average revenue increase attributed to a consistent brand presentation is a whopping 23%.

Social Advertising Is Flexible

You choose your spend. You choose the length of time the ad runs. And you choose the audience that ad will appear to. In fact, social advertising gives you targeting power the Yellow Pages can only dream of offering. Targeting allows you to zero in on exactly the right audience by taking individuals’ demographics, interests, and lifestyle choices into account. Rather than the buckshot blast of a print or radio ad, this is an arrow right to the target. And if it all sounds like too much work that will take you too much time, we’ve got good news. InsuranceSocial.Media’s new social advertising functionality streamlines the process for you.

Social Advertising Provides Results

Depending on the social platform, you’ll get details about how your ad performed–or you’ll get deep details about how your ad performed. Facebook is particularly adept at sharing powerful data with its users. That’s why InsuranceSocial.Media has launched its advertising functionality with Facebook ads. We’ll tell you who interacted with your ad–and how. And, of course, as your audience clicks over to your landing page and fills out the “more information, please” request, those leads will come flowing directly to you.

Social Advertising is Convenient

Social advertising provides exactly what you need to start a successful advertising campaign: an audience for your ad, and the capability to feed that ad to them. Best of all, you don’t need an agency to broker your placement in a publication or other type of media, or to create the ad according to specs that are difficult to understand. You are your own advertising agency, and you control the whole process from start to finish—all for a fraction of the cost you might have incurred in more traditional advertising scenarios. And remember: if taking on this role sounds like too big a commitment of your precious time and energy, InsuranceSocial.Media can help.

Facebook advertising, in particular, offers you great flexibility and power to reach an audience for your products and services. But don’t expect to whip through the process in five minutes or less! The amount of time you need to spend crafting your ad’s content and images–not to mention the audience!–can be significant.

You’re in luck, though. InsuranceSocial.Media is making it easier to post advertisements for your agency directly to your customers. With the new targeted advertising function of our version 2.0 software, we take all the stress and complication out of figuring out that perfect advertisement for your audience. Fill in a few fields, click and few buttons, and bingo: you have a Facebook ad specific to the customers you want buying your product.

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–By Nik Wasik

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