20 Insurance Agent Marketing Ideas

Your business isn’t all about writing policies. That’s just part of the job! First you need to find the people to write policies for. Effective marketing is one of the most important parts of working in insurance. We want to make your job easier, so we’ve compiled this list of what we believe are the best insurance agent marketing ideas.

1. Provide excellent customer service

Though it’s likely that this is your practice anyway, take into account the fact that amazing customer service often leads to referrals. When clients are impressed with what your agency can do, they’re likely to tell their friends about it. Since potential customers often listen more to word-of-mouth than they do to advertising, your customer service talents could easily convert new clients. Happy customers multiply!

2. Get a referral buddy

Partner with compatible businesses, such a realtors or car dealerships, with a promise to send each other clients and leads. If they have a client who could benefit from your services, they’ll send them to you — and vice-versa. A mutually beneficial relationship is the best kind to have. (You’ll notice that many of the best insurance agent marketing ideas are based on this idea!)

3. Find your voice

When it comes to insurance agent marketing ideas, the best thing you can do is to find your agency’s “voice.” What type of personality does your brand have? Is it sincere and caring, or witty and sassy? Imagine your agency as a person, and create your marketing material based on what you think that person would say or do. A strong brand voice can be very memorable, especially on social media!

4. Sponsor an event

One of our favorite insurance agent marketing ideas is to sponsor events for industries that you insure. Do you offer auto insurance? Sponsor a car show. Farm insurance? Your agency would be right at home at a farm machinery show. Sports injury insurance? Reach out to your local stadium to see if you can be a sponsor this season. The opportunities are nearly endless, really.

5. Put happy customers on camera

Video testimonials show the best side of insurance. Most likely, you have at least a few clients who have great things to say about your agency. Reach out and ask them if they’d like to say a few words about why they love doing business with you. You can even film it with your phone. Videos like this make great sharing content for social media, too.

6. Get personal

One way to make sure your clients remember you is to remember them! This is one amazing use for your social media: Reach out to your clients on special occasions. Wish them a happy birthday, congratulate them on a graduation, or express your happiness at the birth of a child. Be the agency that’s there for them during the good times, not just the hard ones.

7. Have a contest

Raffles and giveways are some of the best ways to get free exposure. Offering something fun like a weekend trip for two, a useful electronic item, or tickets to an exclusive event can attract a lot of people who may not have heard about your agency — people who, even if they aren’t in the market for insurance right now, could be in the future. Social media is a great place to market this type of contest: Just ask your followers to like and share the post to enter! (Be sure you’re following all federal and state regulations if you decide to move forward with a giveaway, raffle, or similar event.)

8. Pin a post

Social media is a great place for clients and prospective clients to get information about your business. Did you know that Facebook and Twitter let you pin posts to the top of your feed? Use this feature to display important info prominently, so that users who visit your page will be able to find it right away.

9. Make T-shirts

A shirt is more than just swag for your clients — it’s free advertising for your agency! It’s true that you can save money on this by having your design printed on inexpensive white shirts, but remember that a comfortable, stylish shirt is something that people will be more likely to wear regularly. Think of a design you would be proud to wear. You could even hold a design contest on social media! (Yes, that’s right–two insurance agent marketing ideas for the price of one!)

10. Host a blood drive

Contact the American Red Cross to learn how you can host a blood drive at your location. Not only will it help injured people in need, it will also show people in your community where your agency is located. Now potential clients know where you are, and that you care.

11. Transform clients into friends

Your business isn’t just about sales. As an agent, you also want to build relationships. Care for your clients, and they will be your best friends and most loyal customers.

12. Leave a pen

If you don’t have customized pens printed with your agency’s name and phone number, you should! They’re a great tool for some covert marketing. When you run errands, don’t be afraid to leave them around. Leave one on your table at a restaurant. Give one to a cashier after you sign your credit card receipt. Leave one (or a couple) at the teller counter when you visit the bank. Anyone who happens to use your pens will learn about your agency.

13. Get it on video

Insurance agent marketing ideas are about much more than newspaper ads and billboards these days. Capture your agency in motion! Modern consumers often make purchase decisions after watching product video. Creating videos to post online and on social media is a valuable piece of your marketing strategy. Need ideas? We have a few.

14. Go out of your way

You can always get away with giving customers no more than what they pay for — but what if you went out of your way to do more? Invest a little extra time in your customers, even if it’s something as simple as a follow-up phone call to see how they’re doing after a claim, or giving them your personal number in case of emergency. The word-of-mouth rewards are more than worth it, and it aids in customer retention. Plus, you’ll get the satisfaction of doing something nice. Give your clients something extra, and they’re sure to mention it to their friends.

15. Make your website mobile-friendly

Did you know that mobile-optimized sites rank higher in Google search results? It’s true! What’s also true is that more users than ever are accessing the web primarily through their phone or tablet device. If you agency’s website isn’t optimized for mobile, then you could be losing out on a lot of potential traffic. We recommend upgrading as soon as possible. Google even has a tool to test whether your site is mobile-friendly.

16. Say thank you

Have you thanked a client today? Try making it a policy of your agency to send a hand-written thank you not to new clients, letting them know how much you appreciate your business. You can even include a referral card for them to give to a friend.

17. Host a class

People love learning, especially when they can do it for free. Consider hosting a class, taught by yourself or a guest expert, that’s relevant to coverage you offer. For instance, if you offer watercraft insurance, you might invite a boating instructor to speak about some tips for beginner boaters. Try adapting this strategy for social media by doing your class as a live streaming video.

18. Dissatisfaction surveys

Any agent loves hearing when their customers are happy, but do you reach out to learn when yours are unhappy? A dissatisfaction survey will give your clients a place to vent, and it will also help you learn how you can improve your services to maximize customer satisfaction. Clients and potential clients love knowing that they’re being heard, whether the issues are big or small.

19. Facebook ads

Of all the social media platforms (and we love them all!), Facebook makes advertising easy for any business. They guide you through the whole process of creating the ad. They even let you target specific demographics, interests, and geographical regions. Before posting the ad, you can see how many additional views you’ll get depending on what you want to spend. This social media platform has successfully made marketing for insurance agents easier than it’s ever been.

20. Be social

We saved one of our all-time favorite insurance agent marketing ideas to end this list.

Not only is social media popular, it’s the key to reaching millennials, the largest economic demographic. Participating in social media will get your business more exposure, and can even help you prevent fraud. If your agency isn’t on social media yet, it’s important to get started. That’s something we can help with.

Even if you follow just a few of the above marketing ideas for insurance agents, you’ll notice a difference in the way clients and prospective clients respond to your agency. Did these ideas give you any of your own?


–By Mallory DuPuy

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