Insurance Hashtags (Part 2)

Last time we offered some insurance hashtags basics to help you get the most out of this powerful social media tool. Now that you’ve had time to absorb those, we present some more advanced tips to keep you on the right path.

  • Creating insurance hashtags? Keep them short. Remember, you only have 140 characters to use in a single tweet. A lengthy hashtag necessarily reduces the information you’re able to share in a tweet with insurance hashtags. (And even on other platforms, like Facebook, where you have far more space for posts, a long hashtag can be a turn-off to your followers.)
  • Do a little research before using insurance hashtags. You don’t want to be the agency that comes across as making light of an issue like domestic abuse simply because you didn’t bother to check what a hashtag was about.
  • A hashtag uses no spaces. Read your insurance hashtags very carefully to make sure they can’t be misinterpreted—especially in a profane way.
  • Limit your insurance hashtags to two (or at the very most, three) per post.

Just like your social media posts themselves, your hashtags need to be high quality—so whether you’re creating your own or jumping into an existing conversation, give some thought to your what your hashtags say about your business… and what you can say using those hashtags. #NowGetToWork

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