LinkedIn Changes Ahead?


What should users expect to change in the wake of Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn?

“I don’t think they know how they’re going to monetize it and I don’t think they know how it’s going to work.”

No, Rosetta Stone CIO Mark Moseley wasn’t speaking about insurance agents bravely forging into the world of social media marketing. The subject was actually Microsoft. In other words, Microsoft may not know how it’s going to profit off its acquisition of LinkedIn.

Announced June 13, the deal made big headlines. Not surprisingly, it also got a big reaction on social media. (Although many people’s response appeared to be, “But why would they do that?”)

Now, six weeks later, LinkedIn users (and tech geeks everywhere) are watching to see what develops. Will Microsoft make changes to the platform, which the company has vowed to keep independent? Will new subscription models develop? What about integration into Microsoft products?

For now, at least, the LinkedIn user experience remains the same.

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