LinkedIn Content: What Should You Post?

If you’ve spent any amount of time on LinkedIn, you may have noticed that it isn’t like other social media platforms. LinkedIn is a platform for professionals–a tool to help individuals advance their careers, and to help businesses build relationships.

It follows that the content shared on LinkedIn is different, too. On this platform, you’re not going to find the same Buzzfeed quizzes or goofy image macros that you see so often on Facebook or Twitter. People post with the intention of cultivating professional partnerships and building mutually beneficial business relationships. So the content needs to reflect that.

With that in mind, posting to LinkedIn may seem a little intimidating. However, like most things in life, it’s a breeze once you get the hang of it. Stick with us, and learn a few rules of thumb for creating and selecting great shareable content for LinkedIn.

Business-related announcements

Have you welcomed a new member to your team? Has your agency recently won an award or been featured in a publication? That’s the type of thing your professional contacts want to know about. This isn’t to be boastful. It’s simply a way of letting your network know how things are going at your company. To that end, keep these updates descriptive, but brief. You want to toot your own horn, but you don’t want to overdo it!

Business-related photos

It’s great for your connections to hear about what is going on at your agency. But it’s even better if they can see it. Sharing photos offers a glimpse into your business that text can barely touch.

An industry meeting, conference, or even a simple office get-together can make a great photo opportunity to share with your network. Accompany it with a short description of what the event is, and what your purpose is for being there. Be sure to add any other comments that you think your network will appreciate.

Job opportunities

If you’re trying to fill an open position at your agency, LinkedIn is a great place to do it. There may be someone already in your network who would be a great fit for your company. LinkedIn’s profile format gives you an instant look at the candidate’s job history, education, and other relevant career info. That can greatly simplify the work of finding candidates to submit their qualifications. Even if there is no one currently in your network looking for a job like the one you want to fill, one or more of your connections may be able to recommend folks who would be a great fit.

Posting job opportunities on LinkedIn works two ways. It lets you see a candidate’s details at a glance. It also gives applicants a chance to see your company’s achievements, culture, and employee experiences. This will save them the time and effort of researching your business. It makes for a much more convenient and positive job hunting experience for all parties.

You can also pay it forward by sharing job opportunities from other companies you’re connected with. This fosters better relationships and a stronger network. If you help them out now, they are likely to do the same for you later on.

Industry-related articles and industry-adjacent content

What are the latest insurance trends? Which new technology is shaking up the industry now? Who is the up-and-coming talent? If it’s big news in insurance, you should share it on LinkedIn. Keep an eye on sites like PC360 or Insurance Journal for exciting or thought-provoking articles to pass on to your network. (And don’t hesitate to share content from the Insurance Social.Media blog, as well. It’s always full of tips, advice, and trends in social media as it relates to the insurance industry.)

But not everyone you’ll be connected with on LinkedIn will be in the insurance industry. And not all of them will find the related news as interesting as you do. That’s why it’s important to share industry-adjacent content, as well.

What do we mean by industry-adjacent? Here’s an example: If homeowner’s insurance is one of the main types of coverage you offer, you’ll naturally want to post a lot about that particular coverage. But people typically only need to purchase homeowner’s insurance a couple times in their lives. Topics related to caring for their homes will always be relevant, however. So you might want to share adjacent content, such as an article about roof replacement, mold prevention, or winter preparedness.

Why share all this content? Because you’re an expert in your industry, and you want to pass that knowledge on to everyone in your network. By positioning yourself as a trusted source of information, you make yourself into a more valuable connection. You become someone people will feel comfortable turning to with their questions.

Videos and presentations

Video continues to be the top draw for engagement across social media, and LinkedIn is no different. Whether you host videos on the site, or link to them from your YouTube channel, it’s almost a given that sharing and creating videos will increase your engagement numbers on LinkedIn.

What kinds of videos should you share? Perhaps you’ll want to upload a speech that you or someone from your agency gave at a recent conference, an announcement of a new product, or just a video of you and your team having a good time. It’s also a good idea to share videos from others–both to help your connections spread the word about their own companies, and to pass on information that you think would benefit people in your network.

In addition to video, LinkedIn also has a feature called Slideshare. This lets users upload and share presentations on LinkedIn, as well as other platforms. This can be great for sharing a presentation your agency presented at a conference or meeting. However, you can also create exclusive content for your LinkedIn network, using Slidshare to put together a great informational or how-to piece for your followers. In addition, you can view and share Slideshares from others in your network–because you want them to do the same for you!

Original long-form content and resources

So we’ve covered videos, images, and article sharing. But what about the more in-depth stuff? LinkedIn is the perfect place to share your blog posts, whitepapers, curated lists, and any other long-form content your agency wants to pass on!

You know how we feel about the insurance blog. Your agency’s blog is the perfect place to create your own content, sell your product, and drive people to your main site. You share your blog content on your other social media platforms–but LinkedIn, with its superior organic reach and ability to make quality professional connections, is perhaps the most important place to share it. And you don’t just have to share your latest blog post–you can re-share old posts that are just as relevant now as they were when you first wrote them. Chances are, even if you’ve posted them on LinkedIn before, not all of your followers got a chance to see them.

Agencies may create whitepapers for a variety of reasons, from sharing facts and statistics to reporting on industry trends. Chances are that the information in these in-depth documents will be of interest to people in your network, as well. For the same reason you would share your blog, put your expertise on display by sharing whitepaper content on your LinkedIn page. Together, this long-form content can boost your professional appearance and brand your agency as a team of trustworthy experts.

Original insights, opinions, and predictions

Insurance expert that you are, your opinion is valued by people in your network. They likely want to know your take on trends and changes within the industry–so take to LinkedIn and share it with them. While it’s typically not a good idea to take a very controversial stance, a fresh opinion is often welcome in a discussion. To that end, share opinions mostly when you feel you have a unique perspective to offer.

What do you think will happen in the insurance industry? Let your network know your predictions for the coming months and years, and follow up later on to share how they panned out. Speculating can be fun–especially if you end up being right.

Ask for help

You’re not on LinkedIn just to network and find new team members. After all, what good are those professional connections if you never put them to use? Perhaps your agency needs feedback on a new product, help redesigning a website, or recommendations on how to upgrade your office space. Reach out to your network on LinkedIn, and you’ll find that many of your connections, perhaps even those you haven’t spoken with much before now, will be thrilled to help you out.

You may think that it’s weird to ask for help on a website meant for professional networking, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. People love to offer their own advice and expertise–so give them a chance to do so. Not only will it get your agency the assistance it needs, but it will also strengthen your relationship with people in your network.

LinkedIn can be intimidating to those who are used to Facebook and Twitter, where anything goes. In contrast, LinkedIn’s professional attitude and buttoned-up appearance can seem difficult to get used to. However, once you get the hang of the type of content to post, you’ll quickly benefit from marketing your agency on this dynamic platform.

–By Mallory DuPuy

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