Live Chat: Taking Your Customer Service Strategy Digital

Social media is an amazing tool you can use to bring new customers to your agency. (After all, we believe in it so much that it’s our whole business!) Once you have those customers, though, how will you keep them?

Whether they’re buying insurance, concert tickets or a toaster oven, what they look for (after an amazing product, of course) is great customer service. Even if you’re available over the phone 24/7, having a customer service live chat on your website is a valuable and convenient tool for both you and your customer.

Why Live Chat?

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes: You’ve navigated to a carrier’s website, perhaps after finding a link through your social media feed. You see that they offer a coverage you’ve considered purchasing in the past, but you’re not sure about it. You’ve still got some questions! You could pick up your phone and dial their number — it’s right there at the bottom of their home page. Will a live person answer? Will you be greeted by an automated system? Once a person does answer, will you be put on hold? These questions might make you hesitate before giving them a call, or maybe they will make you not want to call at all.

Alternately, you could select their live chat option. All you have to do is type your question. You can even continue browsing while you wait for the representative to answer (typically not very long at all). You’re talking with a real person, and you’re getting the answers to your questions quickly and efficiently. How super easy is that?

Let’s face it: Phones make some folks nervous. Many people avoid phone conversations wherever possible. When you add the often-stressful idea of customer service interactions to the equation, well, you have a recipe for turning off some potential clients. However, a live chat environment removes a lot of the pressure of phone-based customer service. Having this feature available means that you’re more likely to have conversations with people who would typically never reach out to you. And therefore, you’re more likely to sell them a policy. Higher conversion rates? Yes, please!

Customers also value convenience. Let’s repeat that to really drive it home: Customers. Value. Convenience. Live customer service chat is nothing if not convenient! Once a customer is on your site, the ability to get answers without having to go elsewhere (such as email or phone) is important. It can mean the difference between keeping a customer or losing them. Delivering answers quickly and easily also builds customer confidence and loyalty, meaning they’re more likely to return to you if they have other insurance needs. They are also more likely to refer friends and family to your agency.

How Does Live Chat Work With Our Digital Marketing Strategy?

Have you followed our previous advice and started accumulating followers on social media? Awesome! Customers often bring their concerns to a business’s social media page — but you might not want those interactions to be so public! Customer service chat gives you a great venue to continue those conversations that may begin on your page or in your comments section. Invite those concerned or curious followers to move to your live chat, where they can remain in their comfort zone as you wow them with your knowledge and attentiveness. For a customer, just knowing that they’ve been heard means a whole lot.

In addition to all the obvious benefits of greater convenience, loyalty and conversions, customer service chat features give you access to conversation transcripts which can be reviewed at any time. It’s also an easy and inexpensive feature to implement. For such a small investment of time and money, it has a pretty big payoff.

So are you considering adding a customer service chat to your website? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

–By Mallory DuPuy

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