Livestreaming for Your Insurance Agency

When we told you that video marketing doesn’t have to take 25 hours a day, eight days a week, we were serious—but now there are tools that make video marketing about as simple, speedy, and straightforward as any small businessperson could desire.

They’re called livestreaming apps, and they could revolutionize your insurance agency’s video marketing—and social media marketing.

What Are Livestreaming Apps?

There are a number of livestreaming apps out there. Meerkat was among the first. Periscope may be the most popular. And Blab is picking up a lot of steam.

Though there are some differences among what they can offer a small business marketer (and we’ll get into those differences below), they all accomplish the same basic task: they allow an individual to broadcast a video live on the internet. You can think of it as “instant YouTube.”

Why Use a Livestreaming App?

Okay, we’ll just come right out and say it: insurance is not the first field that comes to mind when considering industries that are ripe for livestreaming. But all that means is you need to bring a little creativity to bear.

Consider these livestreaming options:

  • Offering a behind-the-scenes look at your agency: you could do a series of videos introducing your agency staff, or livestream an event where your agency staff is volunteering.
  • Spotlighting different insurance products. Video is a great opportunity for you to connect with current and potential clients—it allows them to see you as a person, not just an insurance entity. You can let your humor shine through—and it can do wonders for building your reputation as a trustworthy and reliable expert. For instance, California is currently preparing for a season of heavy rainfall courtesy of El Nino. A California insurance agent could livestream an explanation of flood insurance (spotlighting important facts, such as the 30-day waiting period before flood insurance goes into effect), or even do a walk-through of a property with potential for flood damage—or exemplary flood preparations in place.
  • Interview an expert. Why not ask a representative of one of your insurance companies to be a guest on a livestream, spotlighting a topic of importance to your clients?
  • Offer a webinar that provides useful information to viewers.
  • Share industry news. You can focus on changes in insurance coverages or requirements, or talk about regulatory changes in industries where you write commercial lines. Again, this is a great opportunity to demonstrate yourself (and your agency!) as a powerful resource of reliable, useful information.

Which Livestreaming App is Right for Your Agency?

There are quite a few different apps out there, and each offers a few benefits that the others don’t. Here, we’re going to spotlight Meerkat, Periscope, and Blab.


Meerkat’s “Katch” feature permits users to save streams, and it allows viewing on desktop devices. It also offers scheduling capability: you can schedule your livestream up to 24 hours in advance, and let your followers know where to find it with a permalink.


Owned by Twitter, Periscope has a unique relationship with that platform: followers receive automatic access to a link to the livestream. It also offers the unique ability to offer livestreams to selected followers.


Blab offers up to four “seats,” allowing multiple individuals to share the screen. This could be great for a Q&A with an insurance company rep based in another state, for instance. Users can record all or part of a “show.” It is integrated with Twitter, so you can tweet directly from the Blab interface.

You may want to experiment with a couple of different platforms before deciding to focus on one that works best for your agency.

And whichever livestreaming app you choose, remember this: just because its livestreamed, and you are speaking impromptu, that doesn’t mean your videos require no preparation! Think your topic through, focus on the points you most want to convey to your audience, and then get to it.

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