Mad? Sad? There’s a Facebook Reaction for That

Some Facebook posts just aren’t Like-able.

Think of posts about sad news, posts about injustices, posts about natural disasters.

Think about posts where the Like button just isn’t strong enough—because the post was so hilarious, or contained such great news.

Well, for all those un-Like-able posts, there is now a Facebook reaction users can click instead.

Facebook spent a year researching what types of reactions people wanted—and needed—the most. The result? Meet the members of the team: your old friend Like, and new additions Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry.

Think of them as the six dwarves of social media, helping you see at a glance how people are reacting to a story in your news feed—or a story you posted to their news feed.

If you have access to Insights on your Page (available to Pages with more than 30 followers), you’ll be able to see the complete breakdown of Facebook Reactions to your posts. According to Facebook, any reaction—even if it’s Sad or Angry—will be a clue to their system that the reader wants to see more of that type of post.

This is great news for insurance social media, which we firmly believe should be crafted so that it demands a reaction from the reader. Remember, your agency’s social media accounts—though they may result in leads, which may result in sales—are about building a community. They are about being social. And now your Facebook followers have six new tools to interact with you, to strengthen that community you’re building one member at a time.

NOTE: We recommend that you give Reactions a try! Next time you see a post on your newsfeed that demands an angry, sad, humorous, loving, or amazed reaction, just hover over the Like button. When the Reactions appear, simply click on the one you want.

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