More Than Just a Facebook Page

Attention Facebook Page managers: the way you manage your Page has changed—and, just maybe, for the better.

This change was not broadcast by a big announcement, so we’ll admit it: when we tried to log in to our InsuranceSocial.Media Facebook Page and it didn’t really work—and then we couldn’t find our Pages Feed where it used to be—we might have freaked out. (Just a little.)

But after a little poking around, we discovered the reason why. Pages Feed had not been eliminated, as we feared; it had simply been moved.

Facebook Pages feed

Where you can find the Pages feed for your insurance agency’s Facebook Page.

And that wasn’t the only change. Little by little we discovered all the facets of the new Facebook Page management system—and to save you a little angst and a lot of digging around, we’ll share our discoveries with you here.

You Are Always Logged In as Yourself

Back in the day, when we wanted to manage the InsuranceSocial.Media Facebook Page, we’d navigate up to the top right drop-down menu, select InsuranceSocial.Media, and our whole Facebook identity would change to InsuranceSocial.Media.

No more!

Now when one of our Facebook management team needs to do some work on the InsuranceSocial.Media page, that person will still be logged in as him- or her-self, rather than switching over to the corporate identity.

You Can Act as Your Page at Any Time

Used to be, when one of our management team was tooling around Facebook and found an interesting story InsuranceSocial.Media should share, we’d have to log in as InsuranceSocial.Media, find the post with the interesting content, and then click share. It could be time-consuming and it wasn’t always easy to find that shareable post from a different account.

Now, you can act as your Page at any time.

act as your Facebook Page anywhere

Even though one of our admins is logged in as herself, she can still Like, Share, or Comment on Facebook posts as InsuranceSocial.Media.


So whether you’re operating as yourself, your insurance agency, or the Kiwanis Club whose Facebook Page you manage, when you find great content in the newsfeed, you can share it with the Facebook account you’d like to share it with.

You can also Like, React to, or Comment on posts as any of your Facebook accounts.

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