National Punctuation Day (Yes, It’s a Thing!)

Punctuation: it helps us clarify our thoughts, makes us easier for others to understand… and, sometimes, is a huge hindrance to our social media marketing efforts. (Who among us hasn’t felt a pang when that pesky 140-character Twitter limitation forced us to delete an Oxford comma?)Punctuation Then & Now infographic

Okay, okay, we know not everyone is a huge fan of the lowly comma, the ever-mysterious ellipsis, or correctly used quotation marks! But the fact is that Sept. 24 is National Punctuation Day (every single year!). So in honor of that day, and in honor of those little marks that help us to sound more intelligible, we present the following infographics: Punctuation Then & Now and (just for fun) If Punctuation Marks Were People. Enjoy!

If Punctuation Marks Were People infographic




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