What Does the Newest Google Announcement Mean for Your Agency?

Google is at it again, changing the way the world operates one small update at a time. This time, the company announced a rebrand of its advertising business. The Adwords and Doubleclick brands that we have become accustomed to will be a thing of the past–although the functionality of each program remains relatively unchanged. Adwords will become Google Ads and DoubleClick is combing with Google Analytics 360 to become the new Google Marketing Platform.

This move is an effort to modernize the eight-year framework, in addition to changing a name that the company viewed as pigeonholing the brand. “With Google Ads as opposed to Google AdWords, it is moving the imperceptible default opinion that you get as an advertiser when you hear ‘Google AdWords’ … you think, ‘Oh, Words. Search,’” said Sridhar Ramaswamy, Google’s Senior VP of Ads and Commerce. In fact, AdWords had blown past simple online search a long time ago.

What Insurance Agents Need to Know

So why is this rebrand important for the independent insurance agent? Well, in addition to the new names, Google is introducing Smart Campaigns, a function within the new Google Ads that will make it easier for small businesses to advertise online. Smart Campaigns will be the new default setting for Google Ads and will utilize advanced machine learning tools to generate better results. In fact, Google claims that the new Smart function is three times better at getting your ad in front of the right audience. Google plans for the changes to be rolled out in mid-July and continue into the following months.

But remember, Google is just one avenue for digital advertising. Social platforms–Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many others–also offer advertising capability. And the integration of both paid social and paid search into your online marketing strategy can be a powerful combination. While the new Google Ads helps you find customers, Facebook advertising adds value by allowing your customers to find you. Additionally, Facebook ads allow you to harness more granular targeting options and more visual ad displays than Google ads.

Although both advertising platforms have their benefits, Facebook ads offer a more cost-effective solution to digital marketing. The average cost per click (CPC) for a Facebook ad hovers just over $0.25 while Google ads cost over $1 on average for a click.

That’s why, as the first part of our new Target Marketing functionality, we have launched streamlined Facebook ads for your insurance business. Just three clicks, and your ad will appear to exactly the right audience. We do all the work for you, so you can spend more time focusing on your business. (InsuranceSocial.Media subscribers at all levels of subscription enjoy unlimited use of the Target Marketing tool.)

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