Organic v Paid: The Social-Based Marketing Battle, and How You Can Win It

Marketing may seem simple, but it is surprisingly complex. And even if you’re focused on social-based marketing, you’ll need to make plenty of decisions. For instance, you’ll need to decide the big question of organic v paid marketing.

Organic Marketing

Organic marketing consists of your attempts to grow your relationships with your own resources: your marketing plan or marketing team, your social media accounts, and your followers. It is excellent for helping your audience relate to your business. It helps encourage repeated engagement with your brand. And it helps grow your digital footprint and establish yourself as a trusted resource.

A great example of using organic marketing is “take your dog to work day.” Who doesn’t like seeing a cute pet pic? The kind of engagement you could win from a photo of a happy pup will develop of your brand. It will also impact your customer’s perception of the human, relatable side of your business.

Paid Marketing

Paid marketing requires you to spend money to boost your social posts or run ads. Think boosted posts on Facebook, purchasing ad space in traditional media or GoogleAds, or using Facebook to run ads. Paid marketing is excellent for engaging a wide variety of audiences at once, and achieving more reach and impressions for just a short time.

Paid marketing helps push your information to a wider audience. That means a great time to use paid marketing is when your business announces a new type of insurance product. Exciting company announcements are another great reason for paid marketing.

Organic v Paid

Focusing exclusively on one of these methods may seem like a good idea, but we don’t recommend it. Consider this:

What if a Facebook user clicks on your ad… and goes over to your Facebook page? If you focus exclusively on Facebook ads, and don’t have any organic posts on your page, that person may wonder if you’re even for real. On the other hand, if you don’t do any paid marketing, you’re restricting yourself to a limited audience for your content.

This is why it’s important to capitalize on both types of marketing. Using both organic and paid marketing, you can balance the fine line between generating new engagements and followers and maintaining those relationships as they come in.

We can hear what you’re thinking, and you’re right! It’s not easy to do. Agents often don’t have the time to manage their social-based marketing. But pushing social media to the bottom of the to-do list is doing a disservice to your brand. That’s why InsuranceSocial.Media has launched an automated targeted marketing platform to help you take advantage of paid marketing. In conjunction with our automated posting services, this allows you to maximize both organic and paid marketing–without taking time away from sales and servicing customers.

Interested in learning more? We’re happy to answer your questions! You can email us here.

–By Nik Wasik

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