Pinterest for Your Insurance Agency

Yeah, you know about Pinterest. Maybe you used it to keep track of ideas when you were remodeling your home or planning your wedding. Perhaps you even browse it when you should be getting stuff done (we won’t tell anybody). This image-driven social media platform allows users to create their own bulletin boards filled with ideas and inspiration, and to follow accounts with similar interests. It’s a site where DIY projects, fashion, and inspirational quote graphics abound. And your agency should be using it.

We believe in one rule of social media: If your customers are there, then you should be, too. As of 2016, Pinterest has 110 million active monthly users. That’s a lot of potential clients! So Pinterest makes a lot of sense for people like food bloggers and fashion designers to gain followers. But how can an insurance agent use this platform? Hint: It’s all about pinning relatable, compelling content.

Start with you, the agent. What are you passionate about? Yachting? Nature photography? Cats in adorable costumes? Chances are, some of your potential clients share some of those interests. Create a board or two dedicated to your favorite hobbies, and use them for articles and images that inspire you. This is the fun part for you, and it helps your soon-to-be customers discover the person behind the insurance agent. That’s a win-win, we’d say.

Of course, you need insurance-related content on your insurance agent account. The trick is keeping it practical yet engaging.

Pinterest for the Insurance Agent

What types of coverage do you offer? Have a board dedicated to those, utilizing compelling images — a picture-perfect home for homeowners insurance, or a breathtaking mountain vista for travel insurance.

You can also go more in-depth by creating individual boards for your more important coverages. If you sell auto insurance, try creating a board that has tips for drivers such as winter car maintenance, road trip checklists or guides to required coverage for your state. If you market to a particular industry, such as restaurants, create a board with related content. In this example, you could pin tips for industrial appliance shopping or for sourcing local ingredients — anything that a restaurateur in your area might love to know! When followers see you as a source of great info, they’re more likely to turn to you for their insurance needs.

Pinterest can also be used to direct followers to your website. If you have a blog (and we think you absolutely should), be sure to create a board for your blog posts and pin each one individually. Remember that Pinterest is visual-driven, and will search your post for an image to attach — so be sure that each post contains at least one eye-catching image to go with the description. This is a great opportunity for you to get your original content to the right audience — namely, your potential customers.

These are just a few tips, but the ways to use Pinterest for your agency are practically endless — from pinning ideas for office events to creating boards for charities you support, or even a board for pictures of your employees’ pets! We’re sure you can come up with some amazing ideas of your own.

–By Mallory DuPuy

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