The Power of the Insurance Blog

Social media is great—but it also comes with some limitations.

It’s the most obvious on Twitter, where you’re stuck with a 140-character limit—but the limitations also exist inside your followers’ minds. People surfing social media expect short, to-the-point posts—and if you run longer than they think you should, their response is simple enough: they’ll just stop reading.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution if you have more that you’d like to say to your followers.


Insurance Blog

Savvy insurance agents create blogs that, over time, become known as a source of trusted and reliable information. (Note the key words: over time. Even in the fast-paced world of digital media, nothing is truly instant!)

We have seen insurance agency blogs that offer updates on auto insurance regulations; current tropical storm warnings, and how to respond to them; advice for making a claim in the aftermath of a tornado, lightning storm, or wildfire; and maintenance tips for everything from luxury personal watercraft and fine jewelry to garages and landscaping.

But don’t get the wrong idea: you don’t have to create a dull and encyclopedic insurance agency blog! We’ve seen plenty of independent insurance agency blog posts that allow the agent’s personality to shine through, that spotlight fun traditions in the community, and that offer family-friendly entertainment ideas.

While these insurance agency blog posts entertain and inform—which is what they’re designed to do—they are also fulfilling the agent’s big-picture goal: to build his or her reputation as a trusted resource, to increase his or her digital footprint, and to drive visitors to the agency website.

How to Start an Insurance Blog

So how can you get started building a blog following that could grow your book of business?

make your insurance blog stand out

How can you make your insurance blog stand out in the crowd? Photo by Edgaras Maselskis.

  • Add an insurance blog to your agency website. If you don’t have an agency website or can’t add a blog to it, create a blog on a free blogging platform like WordPress, Blogger, or Weebly.
  • Decide on your blog’s “angle.” Will your tone be matter-of-fact or folksy? Will you focus on the needs of your commercial clients or your personal property clients?
  • Make a schedule for your blog posts. Consider major holidays (how about a post offering road trip safety tips over Memorial Day weekend? Or heart health tips for Valentine’s Day?) as well as commemorations such as Fire Prevention Week, National Children’s Dental Health Month, or Air Conditioning Appreciation Days.
  • Determine who will write your blog posts. Will you write all of them, or can you ask one of your agents or other staff to contribute to the blog, too?

Tips for Success

Once your insurance blog is up and running, you need to make sure it stays that way–and that your blog following grows. Here’s how.

  • Make a list of potential “guest bloggers” who can contribute a post to your insurance blog now and then. You may want to approach a contact at one of the insurance companies you represent.
  • Post your insurance blogs on a regular basis. There’s nothing worse than a blog that peters out after a couple of months.
  • Remember to post links to your insurance blog posts on all your social media platforms. This will drive traffic to your website (or blog site, which should contain conspicuous links to your agency website), as well as build your reputation as a go-to resource.
  • Develop a record of our blog posts so you can link to them again and again. This isn’t a one-and-done situation: after all, each year there’s a Fire Prevention Week (and a link to your fire safety tips can also be re-posted if there is a wildfire in the news).
  • Check out this video for even more tips for blogging success.

Photo by Florian Klauer.

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