Reaching the Most Coveted Social Media User: The Millennial

The largest generation in history is coming into adulthood and unleashing its power on the economy and the workforce. Numbering over 92 million, this demographic is tech-savvy, wise to traditional sales tactics and conscious of social and environmental issues. They’re also the most coveted demographic for marketers. As consumers, millennials have a wealth of choices at their fingertips. Today, we’ll discuss how you can help them choose your agency.

Millennials were the first generation to widely adopt the use of social media, and they continue to be the largest userbase for all social media platforms. Most check their feeds daily. For any business that hopes to get their attention, social media is the way to go. Not only are these platforms where millennials are, but they also make marketing feel a little more personal — something that millennials tend to prefer. When you make your agency part of the conversation on social media, you stand a better chance of attracting that younger client base.

Why Millennials?

This up-and-coming demographic doesn’t just represent a huge chunk of economic power. They are also coveted because they tend to be very brand loyal. This is a generation that associates brands with their lifestyles and identities, so they choose products that match who they are. That requires some unique marketing strategies. Outlined below are ways to represent your agency on social media in a millennial-friendly way:

Be Genuine

Millennials can spot sales tactics a mile away — and if there’s one thing they hate, it’s feeling like they’re being sold to. So skip the fast talk and sales pitches, and be honest with your followers. Try sharing real-life stories, client testimonials, or simple moments from your day. When they see the real people and personalities behind your business, they are more likely to believe what you’re telling them about insurance.

Be an Expert

Financial and insurance-related decisions aren’t something millennials take lightly, so they’ll want good reasons to listen to what you have to say. Use social media as a platform to share your expertise, and show your followers that you’re a voice they can trust. Try posting tips for things like financial advice. Post about scenarios where certain types of insurance coverage might be necessary. Tutorials on selecting insurance or preventing claims are also great ways to educate your followers and establish your agency as a trusted source of information. Additionally, make sure they know you’re available to answer their questions one-on-one.

Be Present

Interacting with your followers on social media is one of the best ways to make your marketing approach feel more personal. Make it part of your policy to respond to social media commenters — even if it’s just to say thanks! Responding promptly to comments makes it clear that you care about feedback. Potential clients of all ages love to know that they’re a priority.

Be Passionate

Millennials are more socially conscious than any previous generation. And they are more likely to support businesses that represent their values. Showing that your business cares about these issues as well is a good way to attract clients from these younger demographics. To this end, try choosing a cause for your agency to support, such as building homes for the needy or environmental conservation. Dedicate a day for everyone in your office to do a volunteer project, and let your followers know about your experience. Even talking about your office’s recycling policy can make a good post! When your followers see you doing good in the world, they’ll feel good about turning to you for their insurance needs.

Be Visual

A photo or a video can capture a message in a way that mere text cannot. Millennials have caught on to this idea, and tend to respond more to visual media than to text-based. So wherever possible, use images to connect with your followers. Sharing your expertise can be easy with short tutorial videos (Tip: using captioning will allow those who see videos autoplay in their newsfeed to experience your videos without having to turn the audio on). Quick tips become more interesting with text laid over an eye-catching image. Great visuals lead to greater engagement.

In the coming decades, millennials will become the largest group driving the economy, so now is the time to get their attention by adapting your marketing strategy. By swapping traditional sales tactics for genuine discourse, brands have a better chance of attracting younger clients and securing their place in the market.


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