Rules for Facebook Optimization

No one can doubt the power of Facebook pages for businesses. After all, it’s basically your agency’s second home page.

Customers will visit your social media page because they know it’s a place where they can easily connect with you. When someone searches for your business, you want them to be able to find it immediately. How can you tweak your Facebook page to optimize those results? Read on for some of our best tips.

Your page name and URL should be the name of your agency

It may be tempting to get fancy when naming your page. However, the best rule of thumb for Facebook search optimization is to keep it simple–Just use the name of your agency. This will make it easier for people to find you, and you’ll be in the top results when someone searches your agency name.

Additionally, be sure to claim the personalized URL for your page. This should match your page name as closely as possible. For example, if your page is named Smith Insurance Agency, your URL should be If the URL you choose is already taken, get one that is as close as possible.

Complete your profile for Facebook search optimization

Too many businesses create Facebook pages and never fill out all their profile information. However, this information is vital to helping customers and potential customers find you. By neglecting it, you’re not realizing the full potential of your page.

While you don’t need to put something in every single field (some may not apply), be sure to fill out as many as possible with accurate and complete information. Include a brief history of your agency and a summary of what you do, in addition to essentials such as location, contact information, and links to your website and other social media. Not only is it helpful to customers, but searches pull from this information when ranking results. Therefore, filling it out completely will help get your page to the top of the search.

Include keywords in your About section

Keywords are terms or short phrases that a search engine looks for when compiling search results. Having these keywords on your page is important for getting online visibility for your agency. Facebook search uses keywords in the same way, and they are often pulled from the “About” section of your page.

What keywords are important to helping clients and potential clients find your page? They’re probably things like “insurance,” “agent,” and the city you’re located in. But let’s get more specific. What are the most popular types of coverage you sell? Include those in your About section as well. So if you’re located in Missoula, Montana and specialize in crop insurance, and someone searches “crop insurance Missoula MT,” your page will be more likely to come up in the top search results.

Share links

Search engines like it when Facebook pages use links to external sites. Google tends to boost pages that link to relevant sites because it recognizes them as being more credible. Therefore, sharing links is a great way to get your agency’s page to rank higher in search results.

Insurance-related links can make great shareable content for your page. Additionally, as we’ve discussed before, Facebook is a great place to share links to your website and your blog. Not only will you drive traffic to your own content, but you’ll also get a nice boost in search results.

Share photos–and include good descriptions

From a Facebook search optimization standpoint, there are two great reasons to share pictures.

One, posts that include images attract significantly more likes and reactions than text-only posts. This engagement is not only great for your business, but because pages with high numbers of likes get higher search rankings, it also gives you a great search engine boost.

Two, using keywords in your photo descriptions counts toward your keyword quota in search results. Therefore, posting photos accompanied by keyword-rich text can go a long way toward getting higher search rankings for your page. So find or create compelling imagery that enhances your messaging, and start posting.

Get testimonials

You want your agency to have positive reviews. Potential clients want to read positive reviews about your agency. Having plenty of them is a win-win. Additionally, the more positive reviews you have for your business, the more likely it is to be highly-ranked in search results. But how can you get the people who have had a positive experience with your agency to leave those reviews?

Of course, the easiest method is to just ask. You can take a minute to create a post inviting the people who have good things to say to submit their reviews. You can also reach out individually to clients you’ve recently talked to and ask them to share their experience on your page.

Almost as easy, of course, is using InsuranceSocial.Media’s referral tool. It makes getting testimonials simple and stress-free. It’s included with your InsuranceSocial.Media membership, so if you haven’t used it before, give it a try today.

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Place links to your page on your websites

Can people find your Facebook page through external sites? If they can’t currently, you should change that! The more inbound links you have to your Facebook page, the better its search ranking will be. You can easily ramp this up by including links on your agency’s website, blog, and any other websites you run.

Here’s a tip: Each time you create a new blog post, include a link at the bottom asking readers to come connect with you on Facebook. Not only does this have the potential to earn you more likes, but it also is an easy way of creating more inbound links to your page.

Get more comments

When you have lots of followers interacting with your page, that’s a tipoff to Facebook and other search engines that something good is going on there. That’s why you want to attract as many likes, comments and shares as possible. They boost your page’s visibility, which in turn invites more engagement, which then boosts your page even more. It’s a beautiful cycle!

So how do you get that engagement? There are many methods, but the top one is to post content that your followers want to see. What are your clients likely to be interested in? Brainstorm some ideas and use them to create engaging posts. So for instance, if you sell a lot of auto insurance you may want to create a lot of posts related to that–but your followers may not be as interested in that content as you want them to be. Instead, you might want to post things like an article on the highest-ranked cars of the year, or the ten best road trips to take this summer. It’s still relevant to your industry, but it’s more fun than another article about saving money on your insurance policy.

Calls to action are also important. This means that you literally just ask for feedback from your followers–and they’re very likely to take you up on your request! Posts asking users to share pictures or offer their opinions and stories are always popular. Spend a little time thinking of fun ways your followers can interact with you. It not only boosts your search rankings, but it also builds better relationships with your clients.

The first step to getting more clients is making sure they can find you. A complete Facebook page with great content not only looks good–it also does wonders for boosting your visibility. Implement some of these strategies for Facebook search optimization, and watch your page soar to the top of the search results.

–By Mallory DuPuy


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