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As you rev up the social media marketing for your insurance agency, you will no doubt discover how social media management software, SMMS, can help.

You have to come up with ideas about what to post.

You have to actually write the posts.

You have to read what other people are posting, and decide what to Like, Share, or comment on.

And you have to do all this not just once a week, but many times a week (and, ideally, on a daily basis).

So you’re going to look for time-saving solutions.

Now it’s good news-bad news time.

The good news is, there are plenty of time-saving SMMS out there.

The bad news is, most of them aren’t going to benefit your social media marketing.

For instance, you can connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts, so that when you post to one, that post automatically goes out on the other as well. It sounds like a good idea, but the problem is that these are two very different platforms. You can write a Facebook post that’s hundreds of words long—but you only have 140 characters on Twitter. So if you post on Facebook, and that post is too long for Twitter, it will be truncated and a link will be added… driving people to your Facebook page to read the rest of the post. Not only do you look like you don’t really know how to use Twitter, you’re driving people to Facebook—instead of driving them to your website, for instance, where they can learn more about the products and services you offer.

As you’re surfing the web, you may discover a great article that you know will benefit your followers—so you hit one of the Share buttons, and a post is automatically generated with the headline of the story and a link where people can read the whole thing. Easy peasy! The problem is, it looks like an automated post. There’s none of your personality, your expertise, your humanity in that post.SMMS for Insurance

But just because some of these tools don’t impact your social media marketing positively, that doesn’t mean you should just say no to all SMMS. InsuranceSocial.Media, for instance, is a SMMS takes care of the daily posts that can be such a grind for you—but gives you the opportunity to post, too. It’s a great combination of informative, expertly-written content filling your social media platforms on a consistent schedule—along with a chance for your individual personality to shine through. You’ll look like a social media pro as well as an insurance expert—and all without draining precious hours from your busy schedule.

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