Social Media Best Practices for Insurance

In the past decade, we’ve seen social media completely transform the ways that companies interact with their audiences. And while that’s true across all industries, it’s only just beginning to disrupt the insurance arena. Social media is giving agents brand new ways to communicate with current and prospective clients, and it’s time for you to take advantage. Below are some social media best practices for your insurance agency to use.

Top 6 Social Media Best Practices for Insurance


Above all, social media is about listening to your followers. If you give them a forum to provide input, they’ll tell you exactly what they want. The open communication of social media gives you the opportunity to show your audience that their voices matter. Learn what their main issues are, what they appreciate and what they want to see more of. Respond regularly, and follow through as quickly as possible on promises so that they know you’re listening. That way, you can give them the experience they really want from an insurance agent.

Customer education

You’re the expert on insurance. Let your followers know it! Social media is great as an education tool, especially when it comes to topics like insurance — after all, chances are that many of your followers won’t be familiar with industry terms like “aggregate” or “subrogation.” Short posts that define terms or share quick facts can be eye-catching and easily shareable, giving your followers the opportunity to spread the word. Sharing your blog posts is another great way to educate your audience, while also getting them to visit your website. Live video can also be a great educational tool, as it allows you to provide a tutorial or walkthrough in person. Together, these strategies establish you as a trusted source — someone they’re more likely to turn to in the future for their insurance needs. Social media provides many opportunities for you to pass on your expertise to potential clients.

Create branding that’s memorable

Unforgettable messaging is what every agency strives for. Whether it’s using a well-designed logo, a charming mascot, or a catchy slogan, every insurance professional dreams of their brand going viral. Companies such as Progressive and Allstate have been extremely successful at creating insurance campaigns that are fun, while still getting their message across. To create something truly great, it’s important to stay true to your agency’s main message while communicating it in a way that’s witty or heartwarming. Thinking of starting a new campaign in the near future? Brainstorm some ideas that are both entertaining and informative.

Shareable content

Absolutely one of the hands-down social media best practices for insurance agents is having shareable content. It’s how your followers spread the word about your agency. Images and videos are typically the most shared and retweeted posts on social media. Images with compelling quotes or interesting facts laid over them are very shareable, as are beautiful photos of things your followers might insure — such as a home, a car or a piece of jewelry. And never forget the power of adorable animals!* Browse your social media news feed and look at the posts your friends are sharing. What qualities do those posts have that you could incorporate into your social media strategy?

Community involvement

Another way to build trust between you and your followers is by showing how your agency gives back to the community. What causes or organizations are you passionate about? Pick one or two, and let your followers see your charitable side. Share pictures from events, such as non-profit car washes, charity sports tournaments or community cleanup events. Promoting fundraisers for local or global organizations is a great way to get your whole network involved. You can even create a donation page on your website and share the link on social media, helping you raise charitable funds and divert more traffic to your site at the same time. Giving back not only makes you feel good, it also makes your clients feel good about choosing your agency!

Adapt according to the platform

When it comes to social media best practices for insurance agents, not all strategies will work across all platforms. For instance, Twitter thrives on hashtags, but they’re not as widely-used on Facebook — so while #SmithAgencyVolunteers may be a great hashtag that gets plenty of retweets, it’s not going to get as much of a response on Facebook. Similarly, a wordy Facebook posts that gets lots of shares might not to well on Instagram, where the emphasis is on images. Keep the same basic message, but tweak your posts before posting them to other social media. Tailoring your approach to a specific platform helps your messaging be more effective and impactful.

Whether you’re honing your listening skills or creating great content for your followers to share, all of these strategies contribute to fostering better engagement and growing your presence on social media. Best social media practices for insurance agents are sure to help you on your journey.


–By Mallory DuPuy

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