Social Media Content Issues? Problem Solved

If you’re new to insurance social media—or if you’re experiencing a sort of social media writer’s block—have we got good news for you!

Of course, your insurance social media followers want to hear directly from you. That’s why they’re following you, after all! But not every tweet or Facebook post has to originate with you.

In fact, it probably shouldn’t! Marketers like to tout the 80-20 rule: 80 percent of the content you post should be news your followers can use, including re-tweets or shared posts originated by other people. (The remaining 20 percent can be posts marketing your products and services.)

You may share a link on Google+, and write a blurb to encourage your followers to click and read the linked-to article for themselves. You may re-tweet a post offering a great tip. Or you may Like a post on Facebook, an action that may show up in the Newsfeed of your followers, giving them an opportunity to read and/ or Like the post also.

So where are you supposed to find this great share-able content for your insurance social media platforms? Good news: sourcing excellent content isn’t as challenging as you may believe.

Insurance Social Media Content

There are countless organizations that you can connect with on your social media platforms that will help you source–and share–excellent content with your followers. For risk management, safety, and security tips, try searching for these organizations on each social media platform you utilize:

  1. Insurance companies
  2. National and government agencies
  3. The Insurance Information Institute
  4. Your state’s IIABA
  5. Organizations with a safety mission (for instance, the National Fire Protection Association or The BoatUS Foundation)

Community Social Media Content

Social media is all about making connections. Of course, you want to make connections that will benefit your agency’s bottom line–but it is also your social media responsibility to help your followers make connections. So become a resource for what’s going on in your community!

Try these sources for great content to share:

  1. Local news sources (your local newspaper’s website, or a local news site)
  2. Your city’s, county’s, and state’s social media accounts
  3. Important local destinations (everything from amusement parks to national parks, from presidential libraries to historical monuments)
  4. Local institutions (your local library, performing arts center, and parks department)
  5. Organizations you belong to

Personal Social Media Content

A little judicious sharing about your personal life–hobbies, favorite television shows, even birthdays or work anniversaries of your agency staff–can go a long way toward building strong relationships with your media content

Lighthearted posts about your agency (a birthday party for staff, a new landscaping project outside the office, a photo of that squirrel that likes to hang out in the tree in front of your window) can be mixed in with posts about helping clients resolve claims, saving clients money on their premiums, and new lines of insurance that you’re writing. And, as a bonus, if you craft those marketing posts in the same warm, friendly tone you use elsewhere on your social media, they won’t come across as a hard sell; followers will read them and accept them as sharing–which is exactly what you’re doing.


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