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Forget show and tell. Now it’s all about show to tell.

Images are a vital part of a successful corporate social media presence—and you don’t have to think too hard or look too far to know that’s true. Just think about some of the corporate social media accounts you follow.

Maybe a local restaurant that posts photos of each day’s special.

Maybe a favorite vacation destination that offers tantalizing shots of beautiful spots.

Maybe an insurance company that creates customized images to accompany each blog post.

In fact, insurance companies can provide you with a great role model if you’re hoping to improve boost your social media impact by incorporating more images. (And guess what? Using more images could do exactly that. Buffer has found that tweets with images get 18 percent more clicks, 89 percent more Favorites, and a whopping 150 percent more re-tweets than tweets without images.)

Take a second and go to Facebook. Type in the name of one of the insurance companies you work with, and check out their recent posts. How many of those posts have images? How many of those social media images were developed by the company?

The graphics you post can be an extension of your agency’s branding. Check out the stylized red-and-white images Travelers creates for its social media, for example. (Travelers also has series of social media posts in different styles—photographs, for instance.) Each of these particular social media images echoes the characteristics of the Travelers umbrella—simple shapes using only red and white. Each image includes the umbrella logo and the hashtag #ThinkSafe. And this series of social media posts stands out from the crowd because of those characteristics.

Of course, an insurance company is probably a little bit bigger than your agency, and has some significant resources to invest in social media image development. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from what Big I does, and take advantage of those techniques to grow your social media following (and your book of business).

How to decide what images to create for your social media? Here are a few ideas to consider.

Text Can Be Part of a Social Media Image

  • Turn a testimonial into a graphic. Be sure to ask permission to use your happy client’s name or initials.
  • Create a checklist (for instance, items to include in a car emergency kit; how to make it through the time change safely; summer water safety tips).

    You may be able to find graphics of motivational quotes to download and share, but it's almost as easy to just create your own.

    You may be able to find graphics of motivational quotes to download and share, but it’s almost as easy to just create your own.

  • Create a series of graphics that are great quotes for special times—for instance, Motivation Monday quotes.

Plan Ahead for Timely Social Media Images

  • Make “thank you” images to post when you get new followers or reach a milestone (like 100 Facebook fans). You can even post a thank-you image once a week, say on Friday, to thank your new followers as well as those who shared your posts the previous week.
  • Make an infographic for a topic you’re planning to cover on your social media (like, say, fire prevention). Gather some great statistics and facts, and then use a tool like Piktochart to simplify the infographic creation process.
  • Collect photos. Source photos that you can use with permission (Pixabay is a great resource), and take photos that you might be able to use later. Build a library that you can turn to when you need an image.

    This type of photo is easy to take, and would be a great companion to a post about cyber security.

    This type of photo is easy to take, and would be a great companion to a post about cyber security.

Show Your Expertise

  • You know how potent video can be. Have you considered making a short video to share tips with your followers? They’ll love the format—and you’ll love the boost your agency gets as your reputation as an expert grows!
  • Do you have a slideshare presentation your followers can learn from? Post it!

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, these days, a picture can be worth a thousand shares—and from there, it may just translate into dollars for your business. Remember the key is show to tell—how professional your agency is, how dedicated you are to customer service, and how knowledgeable your team is.

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