Spotlight on Driving Dangers

We bet that, just about every day of your life, you wield a powerful weapon that could cause mayhem to those around you.

Here’s a little secret: we do, too!

Most Americans old enough to have their driver’s license do the same. We’re talking, of course, about a car—a complex machine weighing half a ton or more. It’s something we rely on to get business done and to go have some fun—and it’s a risk to ourselves and those around us every time we get behind the wheel.

That’s probably not the way you prefer to view driving—but look at it this way: the risks inherent in operating a vehicle are absolutely great news for your insurance social media marketing… even if you don’t write auto insurance. Here’s a few examples to get you started with your car safety insurance social media content.

  • Get really local: focus on those spots in your territory that pose specific threats to drivers. It’s a great way to remind your followers that you’re a trusted resource in the community.
  • Do you write a lot of life or health insurance? You could create a series of posts with suggestions for drivers, pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bicyclists to stay safe when they’re out on the road. Bonus: if your client base leans in a particular direction, create extra posts to help them address their concerns. For instance, if your clients tend to be parents of young and growing families, your insurance social media content might offer tips on correctly installing carseats, how to help your kids entertain themselves in the car, and what types of vehicles are safest for young passengers.
  • Does your agency only write commercial insurance? Even if you don’t write commercial auto policies, you can offer your clients tips to help them support safe driving habits in their work force. Offer tips on creating a safe driving policy, driving safely in extreme weather, or car safety on the worksite. You could also write about employer liability in the event of work-related car crashes.
  • New types of vehicles are interesting! Create content to help your followers decide whether an electric vehicle is right for them, or explaining the reality of so-called “driverless cars.”
  • It’s easy to find shareable content about the current best vehicle value-for-your money, or the locales where auto theft rates are highest or lowest. So go ahead—find and share!
  • April just happens to be Distracted Driving Awareness Month. You could easily plan a month’s worth of social media content offering tips to help parents manage their children’s distracted driving, to help employers manage their workers’ distracted driving, and so on. Remember there are lots of resources available to help you build the social media content you want to offer to your followers. Check out the National Safety Council, Traffic Safety Marketing, and the federal government’s official site on distracted driving.

But you don’t have to wait for April to create and post some informative, interesting car safety insurance social media. After all, motorists drive 365 days a year: there’s never a time that car safety tips won’t be useful!

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