Spotlight on Extreme Weather & Weather Events

Everybody talks about the weather, as the saying goes—but nobody does anything about it.

Well, you, my friend, could be the one to turn this saying on its head.

There’s a reason we all talk about the weather. It puts our loved ones, our possessions, even our very selves at risk. And that makes it the ultimate topic for informative, useful, creative insurance social media.

If you’ve been overlooking weather events as a way to connect with your clients, you’ve been missing an opportunity—but it’s not too late to get started! Here are some ideas to get you going.

Weather Events in Insurance Social Media

  • What’s the weather like right now? Is the news featuring helpful hints for getting through whatever weather challenge your community is currently facing? That means you could use your current weather event as a topic for your insurance social media marketing.
  • Set aside an hour to mentally stroll through each month of the year. Make a list of the weather events does each season bring to your community, to your target clients, or to the type of property your agency focuses on insuring. Next step: for each of those weather events, how could you approach the topic? For instance, will you write about ice dams on office buildings in the snowy winter? Or will you focus on winterizing your car, preventing slips and falls outside your home, or flu-prevention tips?
  • Get super specific. If your agency primarily writes personal lines, could your clients use tips on preparing their motorcycles for hot summer weather? How about their RVs or boats? If your agency focuses primarily on commercial lines, consider how to help your clients’ different industries face weather-related challenges. How can wineries help prevent heat-related illness among their workers? How can manufacturers help their workers stay safe in a lightning storm?
  • Do a little research. Is your community in Tornado Alley? How, when, and why did it get its name?  If you’re a California agent, earthquake preparedness might seem like a slam-dunk; but your readers may be interested to know that every state in the Union experiences earthquakes, some of them at nearly-Golden State rates.

Extreme weather is a challenge anyone can face at any time of year—and your social media platforms can help your clients prepare for rain, sleet, snow, and other weather events. So don’t wait for the next weather event—start brainstorming now!

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