Spotlight on Fall Maintenance

The turn of the seasons can be a great hook for your insurance social media—no matter what lines your agency focuses on. Take, for instance, fall maintenance tips.

As we near the first of September, consider how you can share information to help your followers protect what they value most: their health, their family’s safety, and their property.

Fall Maintenance Ideas for Your Insurance Social Media

Home maintenance tips are a treasure trove—no matter what area of the country your agency is located in. If your clients live in an area that typically gets sub-freezing temperatures and snowy winters, you can address

  • storm windows and storm doors
  • steps to take now to prevent ice dams later
  • maintenance and repair ideas for walkways and porches
  • furnace or chimney upkeep.

But if you’re in a less frosty area of the country, like California, there are still many chores homeowners should focus on—like

  • trimming dead tree branches and removing dead shrubbery
  • cleaning out the rain gutters
  • surveying the roof for weak spots or missing shingles
  • chimney maintenance (hey, a roaring fire still feels cozy in a warmer climate!).

Do you sell lots of auto insurance policies? Winterizing tips are a great way to share your expertise and help your customers protect their vehicles. You could write a series of blogs or social media posts focusing on different types of vehicles (SUVs, pick-up trucks, minivans, sedans), or a series on different winterizing chores that will help your customers drive safely throughout the changing seasons.

Agents specializing in health insurance have lots of topics to choose from, starting with back-to-school health and safety issues and seasonal allergies. Remind clients that the end of the year is fast approaching, so if they haven’t scheduled a physical, mammogram, or other important annual check-up yet, now is the time. Flu season tips are always useful. As leaves pile on the ground, tips for avoiding slips, trips, and falls can be valuable. (Want to add a little levity to your social media? Throw in a few pet health tips to help customers keep their furry and feathered friends healthy as the temperatures dip.)

Fall Maintenance Tips for Commercial Lines Agents

Are you an agent that focuses on commercial lines? Don’t worry, you’re not left out of this wealth of social media possibility. After all, your clients need to keep an eye on their commercial buildings, too! You could offer a series of tips and suggestions for fall maintenance chores for commercial building (Test the fire alarms! Get a check-up for the furnace! Schedule a roof inspection and make any necessary repairs!). Or you could write content that focuses on an industry that comprises a big portion of your book of business. For instance, what chores should a commercial trucking company take care of as the seasons change? What about health and safety tips for agribusiness during harvest season? What does a bustling storage warehouse need to focus on in order to prepare for the winter?

Take a look at your book of business and consider what sorts of information your customers could most use—then sit yourself down and share some of your knowledge to help them mitigate risk and control loss.

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