Spotlight on Healthful Indoor Air

Do you care about your indoor air?

What a silly question! Of course you do. You care if it smells rank. You care if it’s too hot or too cold. And you definitely care if there’s something in that air that is damaging your home—or your health.

Well, guess what? Your customers care about their indoor air, too. But they may not be aware how vital it is to ensure that air doesn’t cause harm—or what they can do about it.

That’s where you come in.

February is National Care About Your Indoor Air Month. It’s the perfect time to remind your clients what they can do to protect the health of their indoor air, and by extension, the security of their buildings and the health of those buildings’ occupants.

Indoor Air Topics

  • Each week of the month, you could focus on a different indoor air hazard (for instance, radon the first week of the month, carbon monoxide the second, mold the third, and so on.)
  • Customize your social media posts for your different customer segments. For example, point out to commercial building owners the problems they could face if their tenants’ buildings are found to have problems with radon or mold. Do you work with a lot of homeowners or condo associations? Provide them with a list of tips to share with their members. Write a lot of personal lines? Target some of your content for homeowners, some for renters, some for auto owners, and so on.
  • Get a guest blogger to provide an informative post for your website—then link the heck out of it on your social media platforms. You could try a local fire department or university, but you may need to look no farther than your book of business. Do you work with restoration or mold remediation companies? It’s a pretty safe bet that they’d love the opportunity to share their expertise with your customers through a blog on your website. They might even share the link with their own social media followers, increasing your reach dramatically.
  • Share great resources. The National Safety Council, OSHA, and the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety are all high-quality, reliable resources. You can pick up lots of helpful hints from them to share with your customers.
  • Share real stories. You may have lots of anecdotes from customer experiences. For example, business owners who had to eradicate mold contamination in their buildings or homeowners who know firsthand the value of a carbon monoxide detector. Without using their names or too much identifying detail, you could share those real-world experiences with your other clients, so they could benefit from them.

Your social media followers will welcome healthful tips at any time of year. But why not take advantage of Care About Your Indoor Air Month right now, and give them some tips—and a timely push to put them into action?

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