Spotlight on Mold Infestation

We may have mold to thank for the development of penicillin, but aside from that, there just aren’t too many positive things to say about it.

Fortunately for insurance agents eager to offer helpful hints to their clients, there are plenty of suggestions you can offer to help prevent the propagation of mold. And since September just happens to be Mold Awareness Month (would we kid you?), it’s the perfect time to share those suggestions on your insurance social media and your insurance agency blog.

  • Post about the threats that molds can pose, and customize those posts according to your client base (in other words, focus on potential health repercussions if you sell a lot of health insurance, focus on commercial threats if your book of business is mainly commercial insurance).
  • Remind your followers that molds are common. So common, in fact, that the Centers for Disease Control offer this horrifying thought: “There is always a little mold everywhere.” (Allow us to be the first to say “Eww.”)
  • Offer tips to help your followers determine if they might have a mold infestation. (You know the drill: buckling drywall, warping floors, condensation on windows, etc.)
  • Explain the situations or scenarios that could lead to a mold infestation. Here again, customization is key. If your focus is personal lines, remind followers about locations in their homes or situations in their cars that could lead to mold propagation. If your focus is commercial clients, you may want to write a series of industry-specific posts. For instance, the situations that could create mold in a winery or brewery may be very different from the situations that could contribute to a mold infestation in a garden store or packaging company.
  • Most importantly, offer tips to eradicate mold and to prevent it from growing in the first place. This is a pretty big topic, and can lend itself to a series of posts. You may want to write one about preventing mold in the wake of a flood, one about DIY mold eradication, and one about how to choose a reputable mold eradication or abatement contractor.

Including a photo or video can make your post more informative—and more popular. A quick search for a term like “mold eradication” will present you with a slew of informative videos you can share with your followers, just like this one.

What are you waiting for? Mold Awareness Month will soon be behind us. Jump on this topic while it’s still timely!

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