Spotlight on National Preparedness Month

­September brings the change of seasons, the start of the school year, the impending time change. And yes, those would make great topics for your insurance social media marketing. But we’re actually going to focus on another one altogether: National Preparedness Month.

If you’ve been following your carriers on social media, you may be very familiar with #NatPrep as a hot insurance social media marketing topic. If you’re not, though, don’t worry: you will be after you read this!

Sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, National Preparedness Month rolls around every September. It’s an opportunity for government agencies, municipalities, and organizations like the Red Cross to help people stay safe. Likewise, you can take that opportunity to give your clients risk-mitigation and loss control tips to protect them, their loved ones, and their property.

What Your Agency Can Do During National Preparedness Month

  • Consider the coverages your agency specializes in. Are you all about the personal lines? Brainstorm subjects to help your clients prepare their homes, their vehicles, and their pets for potential disaster. (Ideas: home repair tips, emergency kits to store in vehicles, creating a pet evacuation kit). Do you focus on commercial lines or particular industries? Do the same thing, but spotlight areas where business owners need the most support. You could focus on different coverages, like builder’s risk or business interruption. In addition, you could create a series of posts about the equipment your clients rely on, commercial buildings, or even cyber risk and recovery.
  • If you sell life or health insurance, provide safety tips to help your clients protect themselves and their loved ones. Ideas: establishing evacuation procedures, meeting up with loved ones following a disaster, creating emergency kits for every member of the family.
  • Are you a people person? (And what insurance agent isn’t??) Why not host a workshop at your agency? Maybe you could partner with other professionals. For instance, invite a mold remediation company to participate in a workshop on flood preparedness and recovery. Similarly, you could invite the Red Cross to offer CPR and first aid instruction. Alternatively, you could hone in on a topic that you want to cover all by yourself. Most importantly, capitalize on your workshop through social media. Ask a staffer or a friend to live-tweet the workshop, being sure to use the hashtag #NatPrep. Even better, share the workshop on video. You can livestream it (click here to learn how simple that could be). Or simply record it and share segments of the video on your agency’s social media accounts.
  • Create something useful to give your clients. How about an infographic listing the important elements of an emergency kit? What about a magnet featuring the most important local emergency organizations and contact information? Be sure you include your agency’s name and logo on your giveaway. Remember to feature your giveaway on social media. Share pictures of it and share how your agency is giving the items away. Finally, invite people to share on social media how they’re using your giveaway.

We all know that disaster can spring up at any time. We also know that most of us don’t maintain our preparedness efforts at the highest possible level all the time. National Preparedness Month is the perfect hook to help you urge your clients to stay prepared—and to offer them the tools to really get it done.

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