Spotlight on Cyber Security

Two-thirds of small business owners say they are not concerned about external or internal threats to cyber security. Neither hackers nor intentional (or accidental) threats posed by employees strike fear into their hearts.

Let’s applaud them for not living in fear—and then let’s hope they wake up to reality before a cyber threat becomes a cyber reality.

The fact is that cybercrime poses a very real, and very expensive, threat to small and large businesses alike. And if a business suffers a data breach, that means that many other entities and individuals—from vendors to customers—may also find their information has been compromised.

It’s a horrible reality—and a great topic for you to address in your social media. (After all, look how many small business owners are oblivious to the cyber threat hanging over their heads!)

Here’s a handful of cyber security topics you can cover in your social media marketing.

  • The need for different types of policies—and how to develop them: privacy policy, employee social media policy, internet security policy, etc.
  • Passwords: how to create a hacker-defying password, how to track passwords securely, the need for two-step verification, etc.
  • Basic best practices for internet and social media use.
  • Share posts spotlighting the latest data breach, or tips from organizations like the Identity Theft Resource Center.
  • October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, a great time to run a series of cyber-security tips to help your clients stay safe online.

Photo by Thomas Lefebvre.

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