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Did you know that January is Get Organized Month?

A theme like that can really help you organize (see what we did there?) your insurance social media for the benefit of your audience. You can create blog posts with step-by-step instructions on organizing various arenas, you can create a series of social media posts each containing one organizing tip, or you can just sprinkle a helpful tip here and there in your insurance social media throughout the month.

Now, don’t get the wrong idea: you don’t have to be a Martha Stewart type in order to offer helpful organization tips to your clients. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Organization Tips for Your Insurance Social Media

  • Do you specialize in personal or commercial auto insurance? Help your clients keep get their auto maintenance schedules on track—and keep them that way.
  • For agents that write life and/ or health insurance, January is a great time to offer pointers on reviewing and updating insurance policies to keep up with life changes.
  • Health insurance agents also have a lot of opportunity to offer clients tips on revamping their health (after all, health-related changes top the list of the most popular New Year’s resolutions!).
  • If you are a Martha Stewart type, you could offer room-by-room pointers to help your clients clear out clutter and streamline their homes.(Don’t forget the garage!) Or focus on smaller areas, like kitchen counters, desks, and closets.
  • Get Organized Month is a great time to remind clients how valuable a home inventory can be. (If they need to file a claim, it can greatly expedite the timeline!) Offer pointers on making a thorough home inventory, a possible schedule for completing the inventory, sources for free software and apps that can simplify the inventory process, or even a video of you (or a staffer) creating a video home inventory. (You’ll find some great info from the Insurance Information Institute here.)
  • Speaking of videos: if you’re interested in offering some humor along with your valuable tips and suggestions, you could offer yourself as a guinea pig. Shoot a video of yourself tidying up that desk, closet, or other area where debris tends to gather. Better yet, get a professional organizer to work with you, and videotape your session!
  • If you specialize in commercial lines, there are even deeper opportunities to help your clients get organized—so many opportunities, in fact, that you probably won’t be able to squeeze them all in to your January marketing schedule! You can focus on workers’ comp issues, offering pointers on creating an IIPP, policies for disaster response, a safety training schedule, and much, much more. You can focus on cyber security issues, and spotlight everything from updating software to creating strong passwords to developing policies to prevent sensitive information from ending up in the wrong hands.

We’d be remiss if we wrapped up this blog post without reminding you that January is a great time for you to organize your insurance social media, too. Take some time to brainstorm ideas for each month of the year, or—if that sounds a little overwhelming—ideas for special times, including national holidays, Fire Prevention Week, and National Preparedness Month. A little planning can take your insurance social media a long way!

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