Spotlight on Roof Maintenance

Between winter’s storms and summer’s baking heat is spring: the perfect time for home inspection, renovation, and repair, particularly when it comes to the roof.

That’s why spring is a great time to offer your clients roof maintenance tips—especially since you’re in a position to remind them of a fact they may have forgotten: that damage to their roof may or may not be covered by their homeowners insurance policy.

Here’s a few suggestions for tips you can share.

Roof maintenance tips are a great subject for your insurance agency blog and social media marketing.

Roof maintenance tips are a great subject for your insurance agency blog and social media marketing. Photo by Gabriel Santiago.

Practical Roof Maintenance Tips

  • Undertake “spring cleaning” outside as well as in: roof maintenance can be as simple as trimming tree branches that overhang the roof, removing dead or dying trees before they can fall over and destroy the home, and cleaning leaves and debris off the roof and out of the rain gutters.
  • Conduct regular inspections (and not just of the roof itself, but of the eaves, as well as ceilings and walls that can reveal water leaks resulting from roof damage).
  • Document damage as well as repairs. This can be very important if there’s a need to file an insurance claim.
  • Spot damage on the roof? Take care of it promptly!
  • Most importantly: if the homeowner has questions about roof damage and his homeowners insurance, he should give you, his trusty independent insurance agent, a call. After all, that’s what you’re there for: to give your clients peace of mind.

Insurance Coverage Tips

  • Remind followers to check their homeowners insurance policy for roof exclusions.
  • Point out that roof repairs following a storm are usually covered.
  • Roof damage resulting from improper roof maintenance is most likely not covered by a homeowners insurance policy.
  • Some insurance companies won’t cover certain roofing materials.
  • Multiple layers of roofing materials may cause insurance coverage complications.

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