Spotlight on Water Conservation

When a leader declares a State of Emergency, that’s big news. And chances are good that it’s news you can use to inform and interest your social media followers.

In January, California Governor Jerry Brown declared a drought State of Emergency. The Golden State’s drought continues to make headlines as municipalities impose water restrictions, corporations re-think their ways of doing business in order to conserve water, and residents rip out their lawns and install drought-tolerant landscaping.

But even if California’s water challenges weren’t in the spotlight, water conservation would remain a great topic for insurance agents to address in their marketing and social media. After all, though California’s drought is dramatic, it is not the only one happening in the United States right now. And, current conditions aside, the power to reduce water usage is always good for a homeowner’s or business-owner’s bottom line.

Here are our top five suggestions for incorporating drought-related news into your social media:

  • Share posts from your state, local municipalities, or organizations like the Alliance for Water Efficiency or the Soil and Water Conservation Society, that spotlight current drought conditions, the need for water conservation, or water conservation tips.
  • Offer suggestions on how to spot—and eliminate—leaks in the home.
  • Over the course of a week or a month, run a series of simple water conservation tips (turn off the water while you’re brushing your teeth, for instance, and only do laundry or a load of dishes if the machine is full).
  • Share information about local rebates on water-efficient appliances and sprinklers.
  • For a visual punch, share photos of locations with great drought-tolerant landscaping. (Be sure to get permission before you photograph private property!)

Photo by Kyle Szegedi.

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