Spotlight on Spring Cleaning

Your local weather report may not give you any indication, but the fact is, by the end of this month, Spring will have sprung.

You know what that means: spring showers, spring flowers, springtime love, and all that good stuff. But it also means that property owners will be thinking of spring cleaning—or maybe they won’t be thinking about it, although they should! Either way, that’s where your insurance social media can slip right in and do a big service.

The phrase “spring cleaning” may be a cliché by now, but that doesn’t make the concept any less valuable. And even if you don’t write homeowners policies, spring cleaning can be a great theme for your insurance social media not only this month, but during April and May, too!

Spring Cleaning Ideas for Insurance Social Media

  • Let’s get the obvious stuff out of the way: if you do write homeowners insurance (or renters insurance, or condo insurance), this is the time of year to offer pointers on home maintenance. And let’s face it, there are so many angles, you could write insurance social media posts all year long and still have home maintenance tips to offer! You may want to organize your posts by area: focus one week on the outdoors, one week on the kitchen, one week on bathrooms, one week on children’s rooms… Or you could go from large areas to small areas: one week on the home exterior, one week on the windows and doors, one week on closets, one week on drawers and cabinets. You get the idea.
  • Is auto insurance your specialty? Twist the idea of spring cleaning to focus on vehicle maintenance. Here again, you could organize posts by parts of the car (exterior, interior, engine, tires). Maybe you’d rather organize them by type of vehicle: truck, SUV, sedan, motorcycle.
  • Do you have a lot of personal watercraft insurance policies? Spring cleaning for boats and other PWCs is a great way to ensure they’re safe and seaworthy for the months ahead.
  • Are you all commercial lines? Guess what: spring cleaning posts can be a fun way to offer organizational tips to your clients. You can write about maintenance for buildings, maintenance schedules for equipment, how to manage paperwork overload or digital file distress…
  • Are you an expert in a particular industry? Tailor your spring cleaning posts to that industry to establish yourself as a trusted resource for those professionals.

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