Spotlight on Year-End Chores

The end of the year is a sort of annual deadline. Many of us hurry to accomplish tasks we’ve postponed before Dec. 31. Many of us have tasks that must be completed before year-end.

The last thing you want to do is add more stress to clients who already feel pressured. But handled gently, year-end reminders can be a great topic for your insurance social media marketing.

  • Health insurance clients may have benefits they need to use before the end of the year.
  • Commercial lines clients should take a look ahead, and consider whether they will add or reduce staffing, equipment, services, or product lines.
  • Clients considering purchasing a new vehicle should think about ways they can get the best price on their new auto policy.
  • What if the past year—or the coming year—includes a major life change, like a marriage, a new baby, a divorce, or a job loss?

Year-End Tips in Your Insurance Social Media Marketing

People naturally tend to look forward to a better year, and look back on how far they’ve traveled in the year that’s now ending. That means it would be natural for you to offer suggestions on where to look.

Because your clients are marveling at the way their lives have changed in the past 11 months—or will change in the coming 12 months—it’s the perfect time to remind them that those changes could impact their insurance needs.

As a trusted, knowledgeable expert, you can offer that reminder—and invite them to contact you so you can help ensure that their insurance needs match their insurance coverage. Rare is the consumer who sits down each December to review insurance policies and confirm coverage is adequate. But with a nudge from their trusted insurance agent, your clients just might!

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