Strength in Numbers

Establishing a social media account is step one. Register, choose an account name or handle, upload a profile picture.

That’s the easy part.

Step two is much more of a challenge—and a big part of the reason why is because step two never really ends.

You post.

You post today, you post tomorrow, you post next week. You post, and you post, and you post.

After all, that’s the point of social media: to communicate with other people. And if your social media accounts are just sitting there, mute and lonely, you’re not communicating with anyone.

These days we hear a lot about engagement: how to engage with the right audience, what to post to engage the audience, even that posting marketing content (as opposed to simply informing your followers) more than 20% of the time could result in a lack of engagement.

And you’re not going to get an argument from us: content is the key to great social media marketing.

But an issue that’s equally important—and that gets much less attention—is frequency. How often do you post? And why does it matter?

It matters because if you’re out of sight on social media platforms for too long, you’ll also be out of mind. And in internet terms, “too long” can be pretty short period of time! In fact, a recent study found that posting just once a week on Facebook was so infrequent as to lose the connection with followers.

So if you’ve written a great blog, and a Facebook post or a tweet that links to it, congratulations! Job well done.

But remember, your job is only partly done. Because that one post isn’t going to take you much farther than the day you typed it. To stay in touch with your community—to build relationships, to build your reputation, and to continue to build your business—you need to commit to regular posts that will feed your readers’ need for information and desire for engagement.

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Photo by Lou Levit.

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